How to convert Word to length diagram online

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Word Office software is now almost all of the things on the computer, but in the view of the picture is not so clear, so many people will think of the Word document to convert the growth chart, so that easy to view, the following to share with you how Word to the length of the online conversion.
1. Click on Baidu home page, search keyword Quick PDF online converter.

2. Tap the converter page, click Document Conversion, and select the word to long chart.

3. Click the Select file to add the Word file you want to convert, or drag the Word file directly.

4. Set the page number and other parameters that need to be converted, click Start conversion, the conversion file will be uploaded automatically.

5. It takes a few 10 seconds for the conversion to take a moment to wait patiently.

6. After the conversion progress is complete, you can choose to open it directly or download it to the desktop or folder immediately.

The above is the word to the length of the method, can be implemented online to convert Word files to JPG or png long image, for different versions of Word files, can achieve one-click conversion, after the conversion, will be good to render Word file layout and other elements. Everyone can try it together!
Quick PDF Online Converter:

How to convert Word to length diagram online

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