How to convert xlsx files into XLS

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Method One, on-line conversion method

If you want to convert xlsx to XLS, one of the best way is to find a site with this function, now we use most of the most stable site should be considered NetEase online conversion, click here to enter, the specific steps are as follows:

First, open the Web site, enter the conversion page, and then click the "Browse" button, select the file you want to convert to load, and then click "Open", as shown in the picture:

Step two, then in the navigation box will appear in the file you want to convert (including the path), and then click the "View Now" button to convert, then your content will be displayed, as shown in the picture:

Method Two, use the high version of Excel transformation

You can install a high version of Office Excel, of course, must be more than 2007 version, and then by saving as, choose Save as the format for XLS, so also converted, but this approach will take some time, as shown in the figure:

Method Three, the installation of WPS for conversion

If you feel the installation of Office2007 or more than the version of time, then there is another way is to install the WPS Office software Jinshan, because the office software is relatively small, about 30M, this can also be converted after loading, here is not much introduction.

Method Four, professional software conversion method

If you think this is still a big, then go to the Internet to find a professional xlsx file converted to XLS software it, a search on the internet a large pile, download installation, and then a key conversion, here also do not do too much introduction, we still recommend the first three ways to achieve, because the software is really not clear whether there is loading Trojan.

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