How to copy a disk or clone a disk to another disk

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The copy disk can be used to copy the data from the old disk to the new disk, replacing the old disk. For example, your old disk is not big enough, or the old disk has a physical bad, then you can use the "Copy Disk feature" to the old disk as the source disk, and the new disk as the target disk, and then all the partitions on the source disk (including the system partition, C disk) quickly copied to the target disk, This avoids installing the operating system and applications from scratch.

The partitioning assistant provides two ways to copy or clone a disk, as follows:

Fast replication disk: This way only copies the sectors that have been used on the source disk to other disks, while at the same time supporting resizing the partitions on the target disk. In this way, you can even copy a large disk to a small disk.

Sector to sector copy disk: This will replicate all sectors of the source disk to the destination disk, regardless of whether the sector is being used, in this way the target disk must have a capacity greater than or equal to the source disk when selecting the target disk.

Use the partition assistant's replication hard drive feature where you need attention:

All data on the destination disk will be overwritten by data on the source disk

Disk on which the system partition resides, dynamic disks, GPT disks, and offline disks cannot be the destination disk

Files that are deleted or lost on disk can only be copied to the destination disk through sector to sector replication

Copy disk operation steps

This example demonstrates how to copy a 36GB disk 1 to disk 2 on 100GB. There are three partitions on disk 1, e-disk, C-disk and F-disk respectively. When you copy disk 1 to disk 2, Disk 2 also appears with three partitions, and the data in these three partitions is exactly the same as the data in 1 partitions on disk three. See the following procedure:

1, download the free section Assistant, install and run. On the main interface of the Open partition Assistant, you can see that there are two disks in the system, and there is a 100GB unallocated space on disk 2. Figure 1 below:

Figure 1

2, select Disk 1, then click the disk operation of the "Copy Disk" option, or right-click Disk 1, the pop-up menu, select the "Copy Disk" option, as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2

3 and then in the pop-up window you can see a saying: "This wizard helps you copy one disk to another disk, the current Disk 1 is selected as a source disk, and there are two ways to copy your choice, we select" Fast Copy Disk "and click" Next "button, figure 3 below:

Figure 3

4, in this page, the program requires you to select the target disk, to copy the source disk 1 to the target disk, where we select 100GB Disk 2 as the target disk. Figure 4 below:

Figure 4

5, and then go to the "edit the partition on the disk" page, there are three replication options on this page to choose from, choose a different option at the top of the selection of the target disk layout will also change. The first is to keep the partition size unchanged while replicating (Figure 5), and the second is to adapt the partition to the size of the entire disk (Figure 6), and three: adjust the partitions on this disk (Figure 7). Take a look at the three screenshots shown here.

Figure 5: Keeping the partition size unchanged while replicating

Figure 6: Make the partition fit the size of the entire disk

Figure 7: Adjust the partitions on this disk

6, in the above figure we select the second option, so that all partitions on the source disk automatically adapt to the size of the entire disk. Because the destination disk is larger than the source disk, the Auto Fit option causes all partitions on the source disk to expand automatically. Please click the "Next" button and then click the "Finish" button to return to the main interface of the Section Assistant, as shown in Figure 8 below.

Figure 8

In Figure 8 above, you can see that the E,c,f disks on disk 1 have been copied to disk 2, respectively, to the G,h,i disk. At the same time the g,h,i were enlarged separately to accommodate the size of disk 2 automatically. In addition, an action item "copy Disk 1 to disk 2" is added to the left side of the main interface for the wait execution action list. Finally, don't forget to click the "Submit" button on the toolbar to perform a true disk copy operation.

Because disks and hard disks are concepts, replication and cloning are also concepts, and replication disk operations using the partition Assistant can also be called disk cloning or hard disk cloning. In addition to replicating an entire disk, the partitioning assistant can also replicate a single partition on a disk, which is called a replication partition. Replicating partitions is a feature that makes partitioning assistants more flexible in disk partition management.

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