How to correctly print data for a noncontiguous region in Excel

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If you encounter a larger Excel worksheet, but you need to print some of the data in a discontinuous area, what should you do? In fact, we can use the Excel "face manager" to solve the problem of discontinuous region printing.

1. Start Excel and open the appropriate workbook file.

2. Execute the view → face manager command, open the Face Manager dialog box, click the Add button, and then, in the Add View dialog box that pops up, enter a name (such as "all") to determine the return.

3. Hold down the CTRL key, and then click on the label of the column (row) that does not need to be printed, and select multiple columns (rows) that do not need to be printed. Then right-click the mouse, and in the shortcut menu that pops up, select the Hide option to hide the columns (rows) that don't need to be printed.

Tip: ① If you want a hidden column (row) to be displayed in the future, select the column (row) of the left and right side of the hidden column (row), then right-click, and in the shortcut menu that pops up, select the Unhide option.

② hold down the SHIFT key and then hold down the left mouse button and drag on the corresponding column (row) label to select multiple contiguous columns (rows) at the same time.

4. After adjusting the column width and the line of higher elements, then follow the steps above in the 2nd step, add a "print" view.

5. When you need to print this area later, execute the view → face manager command, open the Face Manager dialog box, select the appropriate view (such as "Print"), click the "Show" button, and then press the normal "print" operation.

Tip: When the area print is complete, just show the All view, and the entire worksheet is immediately present in front of you.

If the local area you want to print is a contiguous range of cells, it's easier to take the "Set Print Area" method: Select the local area you want to print, perform the "file → print area → set print area" command, and then press the normal "print" operation to OK.

Tip: ① in the Set print area, if there are hidden columns (rows), it will not be printed.

② If you need to cancel the "Print area" setting, just do the "file → print area → cancel print Area" command.

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