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Common Shared Software protection methods

  1. Online Registration
Currently, about 80% of shared software is registered online. Generally, this type of shared dye may be subject to time restrictions. Once the trial period ends, you must register with the software developer to continue using the dye. The registration process is generally based on the user's personal information to the developer. The Developer then calculates the registration code according to certain rules based on the information, and the user can get the registration code after paying. Finally, the user enters the registration code in the software registration item to complete the registration.

  2. Warning window

The warning window is used by software designers to constantly remind users to buy genuine software. Such a window will pop up from time to time during software startup or running, which is very annoying. After the software is registered, the window will automatically disappear.

  3. timer protection

Some shared software has a time limit function. For example, the program is automatically closed every time the running time exceeds several minutes and must be restarted to run properly. Another protection mode is that the program can only run for a limited number of times and days, which is controlled by the Internal timer of the software.

  4. Registration Protection

This is a way to register software using text files. A registration document is a pure text or binary file whose content is encrypted or unencrypted. The content includes the user registration information. The file format is defined by the developer. This registration document is not available in the trial version of the software. You will only receive the registration document for the software after you register with the developer for payment. You can register the software by placing the document in the specified directory. When the software starts each time, it reads data from the registration document, and then uses an algorithm to determine whether the registration information is correct, and then determines the mode in which the software runs.

Ii. use tools to crack protection

After learning about the common protection methods used by shared software, let's take a look at the commonly used cracking tool software.

Here, we recommend Sunny FreeWizard 3.0

Software name Sunny FreeWizard 3.0

Software 3.0

Software sharing through authorization

Step 1: download and install Sunny FreeWizard, and run the installer.

Step 2: select the restrictions on the program you want to intercept, including the date limit, the number of days limit, and the confirmation window prompt registration that appears at startup.

Step 3: Enter the software notification registration window to be blocked. You can enter it here ., Perform window detection and confirm to start the program.

Step 4: Start the cracked tool again after the attack. The software does not prompt registration.

Iii. Types of cracking software

There are usually four types of cracking software available for download on the Internet: the first is the software crack version, that is, the Downloaded Program has been modified, and the screen masks the registration function: the second is the software cracking patch, that is, after we install the original software, we also need to run the cracking patch to crack the software: the third is the memory cracking program, that is, by modifying the registration information in the memory during program execution, let the software think that the user has been registered: the fourth is to calculate the registration code through the software registration machine, and then register the software.

Iv. How to crack "Cracker"

In fact, most of the registration codes for "Shared Software" can be found on the Internet to crack the software. But do you want to know how. "Cracker" works with these software? The following is a detailed description.

  1. "TNT" method-brute force cracking

The most common and simple method of brute-force cracking .. Cracker directly uses the editing tool, such as the ULTRAEDIT-32, to modify the executable file, that is, by modifying the source file of the Property Program to crack. When verifying the user registration information and registration code, if the information entered by the user is the same as the registration code generated by the algorithm used by the software, the program will be successfully registered; otherwise, the registration will fail.

  2. "rummaging through cabinets"-trace the software registration code

Finding a registration code from the software is generally a little tricky. "Cracker", the software will have a comparison process when performing registration code authentication, that is, the water software will pass the user we enter or according to our other registration information, A correct registration code is generated and compared with the entered registration code. If the two are the same, it indicates that the registration code is correct and passes registration authentication. Otherwise, an error is prompted. For software that uses clear code, <the computer's registration code is directly placed in the inner ,. "Cracker" analyzes the memory program using the debugger to find the correct registration code stored in the memory.

  3. Big success in cracking-compiling a software Registrar

Experts in "Cracker" generally write software registration machines in person. One reason is that some software with high encryption is difficult to use the above method to find the registration code, and the other is. "Cracker" is usually not just for a registration code, but for system analysis and understanding of its software structure and encryption algorithm. Of course, to truly write the software's registration machine, the attacker must have a very skilled code analysis capability and a solid foundation for software development, this also requires hard learning and long-term accumulation by hackers.



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