How to Create a USB flash drive and install the system with a USB flash drive

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How to Create a USB flash drive and install the system with a USB flash drive (reprinted)

Many of my friends are using laptops without optical drives, but the problem also arises. When we need to reinstall the system, there is no optical drive. What should we do? Maybe you can say that the hard disk can be installed under DOS, but how many people will use dos?

In fact, not only do laptop users without optical drive worry about how to install the system, but also those desktop users without Optical Drive. In order to provide convenience for such users, I will explain how to install the operating system conveniently and quickly without an optical drive.

● Preparations before installing the system

A USB flash drive that can boot your computer and a system CD image

Prepare something before installing the system. One is the operating system image, and the other is the U disk that can be started. Next we will explain how to install the deepin XP system.

Note: to read this article, you need to understand some basic knowledge about operating system installation.

● The first step is to create a boot USB flash drive with windowspe to enable the computer.

First download a tool named "old peach winpe" to the hard disk, then connect the USB flash drive to the computer, and then follow the steps below to create a boot USB flash drive.

Click here to download

Select 4th items and press Enter.

Enter the drive letter of the USB flash drive and press Enter.

In the formatting step, click "start" on the default settings.

Smooth formatting


It should be noted that there are two options in the "device": one is the hard disk of the computer and the other is the U disk to be made. You must select the right USB flash disk instead of the wrong hard disk. The size of the USB flash disk can be determined. The author's USB flash drive is 2 GB, so we should choose (hd1) [1898 M]. You can skip the "options" section below. By default, no parameters are selected. After confirming the above steps, click "Install" and then proceed to the next step.

After writing the boot, press any key to continue.

Set a password for the USB flash drive.

I didn't want to set the password for starting the USB flash drive, but this step cannot be skipped, so I had to set a password. After setting the USB flash drive, remember the password you set. Otherwise, the USB flash drive cannot be used.


After completing the above steps, congratulations, a USB flash drive with the startup function has come to your side. You no longer need to worry about starting the drive from the drive, because you can start the drive from the USB flash drive and then install the operating system! Do you want to know how to perform this operation? The next page begins.

Click here to test and start the USB flash drive.

Set the first boot item of the computer to start the USB device.

In the past, the boot item must be adjusted to enable the optical drive, but now we need to use a USB flash drive to install the system, so we need to adjust it to enable the USB flash drive. Different BIOS versions on different computers have different settings, but they are similar in that the purpose is to change the first boot item of the computer to a USB flash drive. The following describes how to adjust the BIOS.

The most common BIOS option for Phoenix-award, just select the USB-HDD

BiOS adjustment options for Dell brand machines

Bios of the ThinkPad series notebook

Bios of HP commercial series notebook

You can see that the above BIOS options are different, but the adjustment options are for one purpose: Set the boot item of the computer to start from the USB device, in this way, the computer can be started from the USB flash drive.

Install XP with an Enable USB flash drive

First, connect the USB flash drive with the boot function to the computer.

Start the computer

After starting the computer, you will be asked to enter the password for starting the USB flash drive, that is, the password you set when creating the USB flash drive. After you enter the correct password, you can see a selection menu and select "winpe by: maotao ".

Enter winpe

Then, a mini operating system winpe running on a USB flash disk (not a computer's hard disk) is displayed. It has many functions similar to XP, with it, we can do whatever we want on the computer.

You can format disk C.

How can this problem be solved? Can I directly format the drive C? Before installing the new XP, We must format the drive C.

After formatting the C drive on the computer using the winpe on the USB flash drive, ask the virtual optical drive for help.

The winpe running on the USB flash drive comes with a virtual Optical Drive.

Image for loading an XP CD

We chose a ghost image produced by deepin, which was created by the famous "8-minute quick release version 6.5. If there is an optical drive, you only need to put the "8-minute fast install version 6.5" disc into the optical drive and install it directly. However, because there is no optical drive, we have to pay some twists and turns to install this system.

After a system image is loaded with a virtual optical drive, one more drive will be generated.

We can see that after loading the system image with a virtual drive, there is a GHOSTXP-6.5NTFS drive letter in the "my computer" directory. This is the location of the system to be installed.

Start ghost of winpe

Next we start another software, Norton Ghost, that comes with winpe. Use it to restore the system's ghost image to the C drive of the previously formatted computer.

The process is no different from that of using ghost.

After the ghost is started, the usage is no different from the usual use of ghost to restore the system. Select from image first, find the CD directory loaded by the virtual optical drive, select ghostxp. gho, select the hard disk to be restored, and then select the partition to be restored.

Click Yes, just wait until it is restored.

After the preceding settings are selected, a dialog box will pop up asking you if you want to restore the specified gho image to the C drive of your computer. Click Yes.

Restart and enter the system. The reinstallation is complete.

After the ghost image is restored, You can restart the system. Now, the operating system has been installed with a USB flash drive! You can forget the troubles of installing the operating system without the optical drive.

It is worth mentioning that, because the entire process is to read data from the hard disk, the installation speed is much faster than the installation speed with a CD.

In fact, this is only one way to install the system with a USB flash drive. There are many other ways to install the system. This article will not give an example one by one. You may have noticed that with this USB flash drive, you do not have to worry about the system crash. After the important information is stored in drive C, it cannot be saved, because as long as you use the USB flash drive to start winpe, you can back up important data to other partitions. It is hoped that netizens can use winpe, a very useful tool installed on a USB flash drive, to draw a line between them.

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