How to Create a screen recording video tutorial on Linux

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A graphic is better than a thousand words. A well-designed guide video can bring you a good experience. On Linux, you have all the tools you need to create useful and high-quality teaching videos. We will use the powerful kdenlive video editor and Audacity audio recorder and editor to create a simple screen recording and learn how to share wonderful screen recordings on YouTube.

A Linux PC with Kdenlive and Audacit software installed, a good quality microphone or headset, and a YouTube account are all you need to prepare. (Yes, there are many other free video sharing services in addition to Youtube. You can also use them .) YouTube belongs to Google, and Google wants you to share anyone and things with the world. If this is not what you want to do, say no.

Our workflow is as follows:

  • Recording screen videos with Kdenlive
  • Recording audio tracks with Audacity
  • Add audio tracks to Kdenlive
  • Upload to YouTube
  • It's so fun to watch your videos all over the world.

Kdenlive supports the most popular digital video formats, including AVI, MP4, H.264, and MOV. It supports image files including GIF, PNG, SVG, And TIFF. It supports audio file formats, including non-compressed PCM, Vorbis, WAV, MP3, and ac3. You can even read and edit Flash files. In short, it can process a lot of things.

Your dubbing is as important as your video. Pay attention to your audio. Keep the audio clean and simple, remove messy digress and dialect, and minimize background noise. I like to describe with a quality headset, so you don't have to worry about the microphone location. You can listen to your own story repeatedly without affecting people around you.

The Kdenlive document has expired. It tells you that RecordMyDesktop is required for screen recording. I use kdenlive 0.9.4, but do not need Recordmydesktop.

Figure 1: Default Configuration

Screen recording

Install kdenlive for the first time. The Configuration Wizard is started when you run it for the first time. Do not care about the default settings, because you can change them at any time.

This is my screen recording settings: HD 720p 30 frames per second, 1280x720 screen size. How do I know what settings to use? There are some instructions on Google. To set these values, go to Settings> Configure Kdenlive> Project Defaults> Default Profile> HD 720 p 30fps (figure 1 ).

Set the Capture Screen size to Settings> Configure Kdenlive> Capture> Screen Grab (figure 2 ). You can also choose to capture the full screen, but it is best to stick to the size specified by YouTube. Because if the dimensions used are different from those specified by YouTube, YouTube will add black borders to the desired size. Enthusiastic audiences will want to see a screen full of vivid content, rather than a black edge.

Figure 2: screen size

The default YouTube video player is 640x360 SD 320 p, small and fuzzy. The player has small screen, large screen, full screen, and multiple quality levels. These settings are only used by your audience. The 640x360 SD 320p looks really bad, but the depressing thing is that you cannot change this defect. Even so, if you still want to make high-quality videos, you can add some text to remind the audience to try better configuration.

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