How to create a Java JNI dynamic-link library for ANDROID,MAC and Windows platforms

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Java Native Interface (JNI) is a bridge between Java and C/s + +. In some cases, to improve the performance of Java programs and extend the functionality of Java programs, we need to use JNI. For example, when we download a JDBC jar package, we can see the dynamic link library containing the different platforms in the database:

This article describes how to create one of the simplest JNI dynamic link libraries for the ANDROID,MAC and Windows platforms.

Reference article:

Getting Started with JNI on Android, Windows and MacAndroid

Download the NDK and configure the path in eclipse:

Create an Android engineering Hellojni. Right-click the project, select Add Native support to automatically generate C + + projects:

Modify the C + + code to configure ANDROID.MK:

Clicking Save will automatically generate the dynamic link library You can also manually generate by command ndk-build :


Open Visual Studio and create a Win32 project Hellojni:

Select the DLL in the app type:

To configure the path of the header files and libraries:

Click Build to generate Hellojni.dll:

Mac OS X

Open Xcode and create a project hellojni :

Framework Selection STL:

In the build settings, configure the JAVAVM header file path and the library path:

Click Build to generate libhellojni.dylib:

How to use JNI in Java Engineering:

Declaration Native Interface:

Public native String Stringfromjni ();p ublic native static void Nativeprint ();

To load a dynamic-link library:

static {system.loadlibrary ("Hellojni");}

git clone

How to create a Java JNI dynamic-link library for ANDROID,MAC and Windows platforms

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