How to create a new connection database in Navicat

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A few days ago to everyone to share how to install Navicat, no time to get on the small partner can poke this article: hands-on teaching you to install navicat--navicat installation tutorial. Today to share the simple use of navicat tutorial, the specific tutorial is as follows.

1. Double-click the Navicat icon on the desktop to start Navicat.

2, is Navicat's main page, you can see the Navicat navigation bar and various kinds of tabs.

3, click on the upper left of the connection, will pop up the "New Connection" window, where you need to enter the host name or IP address to connect, the port directly by default, and then enter the user name and password.

4. After the input is complete, click "Connect Test" at the bottom left. If the test fails, there will be an error prompt, as shown in.

Or the error that will occur:

This problem occurs, stating that the database is not authorized by the root user, only need to be authorized in the database, and then the remote connection can be implemented.

5, if the test connection is successful, it will be a smooth connection, will not error, as shown in.

6, click OK, then in the Navicat home page can see the IP address database is already in the navicat.

7. Double-click the left database to see the database information. You can then remotely manipulate the database in Navicat, which is synchronized with the database in Ubuntu.

At this point, navicat New Connection database has been completed.

How to create a new connection database in Navicat

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