How to create a new hard disk partition

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Believe you have seen the computer on the general will be divided into the disk: movies, music, tools ... Wait for the plate! This way, the contents of the disk are sorted and stored, organized, manageable, and easy to find. So do you want to create a new partition that is designed to fit the same kind of stuff? For example, if you store important files or other materials in your work and don't want to put them together with your daily application or entertainment files, you need to create a new partition of the right size.

The new section Assistant will no longer be subject to unallocated space, which means that regardless of unallocated space on your disk, the partitioning assistant can quickly create a new partition for you, and the following steps will be detailed.

Create a new partition Case 1: Create a new partition without unallocated space

If you do not have unallocated space on your disk, and you want to create a new partition, see the "Cut Partition" This article, I believe you will not be disappointed! Just because you have written an article before, here is no longer to repeat, how to create a new partition when there is no unallocated space, detailed steps see the previous article. The next step is to explain how to create a new partition on unallocated space.

Create a new partition Case 2: Create a new partition on unallocated space

1, download the free section Assistant, install and run. From Figure 1 below, you can see that there is an unallocated space at the end of disk 1 (the item selected in the following figure list box is unallocated space, you can get unallocated space by narrowing the partition), about 69.12GB, and now use it to create a new partition.

Figure 1

2, select this unallocated space, click the right mouse button, choose to create the partition, or click on the sidebar to create partitions, as shown in Figure 2:

Figure 2

3, in the pop-up window, such as Figure 3, you can set the letter, file system format, and so on, ordinary users recommend to keep the default settings, and then click OK, return to the main interface.

Figure 3

4, the software provides a preview of the operation, return to the main interface after you can see in the software interface you do the operation of the pre-implementation situation, the following figure 4, the interface has been more than a new partition F about 69.12GB.

Figure 4

5, submit the above operation, click on the toolbar "submit" button, in the pop-up window click "Execute", such as Figure 5, and then wait for the operation completed on the line.

Figure 5

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