How to create a virtual disk in the Win 8 system

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1, in the lower left corner of the screen right-click, select the mysterious menu of "Disk Management":

2, in the pop-up Disk Management window, select the Action menu under the "Create VHD":

3, in the pop-up window for the virtual disk to specify the location, size, format, and type.

Format: The VHD is an early virtual disk format that can support 2T storage; VHDX is a new virtual disk format for Windows 8, which can support up to 64T, but is not supported in previous versions of the system.

Type: Fixed size specifies the size of the disk to be created directly when the disk is created, and the dynamic extension expands the virtual disk file size to the specified size, depending on the usage.

4, set up after the click to determine the completion of virtual disk creation and mount.

5. The virtual disk is the same as the physical disk, and the newly created virtual disk needs to be initialized. In Disk Management, right-click the newly created disk and select Initialize disk:

6. In the pop-up window, follow the prompts to complete the initialization.

7, after the format, then the virtual disk right click to select "New Simple Volume", according to the prompts to specify the size, assign the letter, set the volume label, complete the format.

8, after the format is finished, back to the explorer, you can see the virtual disk just added already available.

Conclusion: Through the above 7 steps, you can create a virtual disk in the win 8 system!

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