How to create custom dedicated Ubuntu Live CD

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How to create custom dedicated Ubuntu Live CD

Ubuntu versions are updated frequently. Have you ever thought about creating your own Ubuntu Live CD? In fact, it is easier to create your own Ubuntu version than you think. This article will introduce how to use Ubuntu Imager to create an exclusive Ubuntu Live CD.

Why do we need to customize Ubuntu Live CD?

To meet the needs of different users and cover users more extensively, Ubuntu has released many versions of derivatives. However, the official version does not meet the needs of all users. We usually customize the system after selecting the most matched version. If we can customize the exclusive Ubuntu Live CD based on our own hardware environment and software requirements, it will be convenient and personalized to use directly after installation. is a website dedicated to helping users build personalized and exclusive Ubuntu. Using the tools they provide, the creation process will become very simple.

Distroshare Ubuntu Imager script

There was previously a tool called remastersys that could help us create a Live CD. It has been a long time since the project was stopped. Fortunately, developed a Distroshare Ubuntu Imager (Bash) script, which can help us automate most of the processes for creating Ubuntu Live CD, you only need to edit and execute the script configuration to create an exclusive Ubuntu Live CD.

Distroshare Ubuntu Imager is hosted on GitHub. We can use the following command to download it back:

  1. Cd/tmp/
  2. Wget

Run the following command to decompress the package:

  1. Mv master
  2. Unzip
Modify configuration file

After decompression, we need to modify the distroshare-ubuntu-imager.config configuration file as needed so that we can create a dedicated Ubuntu Live CD that meets our requirements.

After browsing the extracted directory, we can see two main files:

  • Distroshare-ubuntu-imager.config: profiles for custom Live CD
  • Automated scripts for generating custom Images

You can use vi or nano to modify the distroshare-ubuntu-imager.config configuration file, the various configuration options are actually very clear, the official provides a very meticulous comment information.

The GTK option defines whether to install GTK or Qt. If not installed, you can change it to NO.

  1. GTK = "YES"

WORK defines the script's working directory and the generated ISO storage directory.

  1. WORK = "/tmp/folder"

If you need to support EFI, you can change it to YES.

  1. EFI = "YES"

By default, the script creates a Live CD with the Kernel version used by the current system. If you want to specify the Kernel version, you can change the following Configuration:

  1. KERNEL_VERSION = "specify the kernel version number"

The official comments have been clearly written, so I will not introduce them one by one.

Execute scripts
  1. Sudo./

After the packaging script is executed, it will automatically read the configuration file we just changed and create the necessary directory. After all the configurations are automatically processed, it will clear the temporary files and compress the packaged ISO files.

Create boot USB flash drive

After an ISO image is generated, it can be engraved on a CD, used on a VM, or run directly from grub. Of course, you can also run the following command to write it to a USB disk for startup:

  1. Dd if = live-cd.iso of =/dev/sdX bs = 1 M

/Dev/sdX is the path of your U disk. If you are afraid of writing an error, you can write it as we teach you how to create a Ubuntu U disk.

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