How to create free wifi in Win10 ?, Create wifi in win10

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How to create free wifi in Win10 ?, Create wifi in win10

Because traffic-based Internet access requires payment, many friends use free WIFI when accessing the Internet through their mobile phones. Of course, there are many ways to create free WIFI using the computer network, but most of them either need to use complex command line syntax, or need to download and install free WIFI software, this is a pain point for computers with obsessive-compulsive disorder :? ? With those complex command line syntaxes, the ghost knows what these commands have done in their own machines. What should they do if something goes wrong ?? Install free WIFI software, there is no real free lunch in the world, these free WIFI software all need you to pay another "price ...... From time to time, it's annoying to have an advertisement pop-up window ...... So, in the latest official Win10 version, how can it be simple without installing any third-party software (without using any command line syntax) and how efficient is it to create a free WIFI network (just a few clicks to get it done?

First, click the Win logo in the lower-left corner of the screen, and then click "set" in the pop-up menu ".

In Windows Settings, click "network and Internet ".

Click "WLAN" in the network and Internet ".

Enable the switch on the WLAN. If the switch is enabled, ignore this step.

Go back to the previous step and click "mobile hotspot" on the network and Internet ".

In the mobile hotspot, enable the "share my Internet connection with other devices" switch, and then click the "edit" button of the WIFI network to customize the WIFI name and password.

Now, we can use the created free WIFI to access the Internet.


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