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Web site banner is a very common thing in the Internet, basically all the sites have banner pictures, and some in order to promote the brand, some prominent products, and some advertising, business choice banner mainly because of the cheap, the effect can be monitored, effective. and banner pictures can not only summarize the Web page also can add color for the site, so has been to now banner has been a form of webmaster favor. Since banner is used to show, then how can we use the banner advantage to improve the banner click rate? The following is a recommendation from 199it.

  1.Banner size

Ideally, if there is no limit to space, then banner can be designed according to the above dimensions.

  2. To ensure simplicity

The simpler the design, the clearer the content, the more quickly the user will be able to see the banner ad, with a simple match to highlight the core text, do not do very complex, the user half-day see what meaning. All we want is to know it at first sight. At the same time banner need to coordinate with the entire site, do not appear incompatible.

  3. Distinct hierarchy

Banner design to understand first, but also the most important is: The purpose of the design is to enhance brand awareness, improve website traffic. So we should pay attention to the level of distribution when doing banner. And the design must be consistent with the brand image, not purely for aesthetic.

Company Logo:logo design must be able to enhance brand awareness. Visually, make logos stand out in the banner of many elements.

Value-oriented: Popular speaking, through the selling point of products or services to attract user consumption, this part of the general occupy the banner most of the space, but also to attract the attention of users. Like special 998.

Call of action: usually composed of text or buttons, such as "Point Me", "Learn More", "Register Now". The Call of action is the visual focus in the banner advertisement, which supports the viewer to click Deeply.

  4. Clear Border

From left to right: Android, netflix,bing, the human eye will naturally observe the objects in the frame, the edge of the banner advertising better have a clear border.

  5. Proper use of buttons

button can increase the click rate, effectively caused by the call. Generally in the lower right corner, the use of contrasting feeling more intense color.

  6. Text clearly visible

The text in the banner is very important, can pass directly to the user information, helps the user to make the decision, generally does not use the Non-mainstream font, the scrawl font, too slender font, all capitals font, is less than 10pt font.

  7. The correct file format

. Jpg. Png. GIF, or Adobe Flash format, allows you to effectively deliver your ads. If it is flashbanner, remember to convert to. GIF format, so you can get full device support, and there will be more people browsing the banner. And in the show clear at the same time, the smaller the better the file, preferably less than 150kb, because users generally landing a site will be directly downward flip, so if you can quickly load, you can first time let users see banner ads. Do not expect users to wait for loading.

  8. Creating a sense of urgency

Create a visual sense of urgency by using coarse, controlled, and distinct fonts. So that users can't wait to buy, click. But once in a while it's OK to try it, not always.

  9. The right color

Talk about the site with color , may wish to see more excellent network of some articles, here on the unknown talk. Also, the design of banner to use RGB color mode, because it is generally on the screen to see ads.

  10. Try the action

Dynamic advertising is always more eye-catching than static advertising, can effectively arouse the call of action, but must ensure that the dynamic design clear, direct, not off. No more than 15s, simple dynamic effect is the best, generally do not repeat more than 10 times.

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