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This is a common and classic problem. Especially for enterprise or enterprise managers, they often talk about it. Sometimes there are flickering elements. There are not many managers who are really clear-headed and clear-minded, the business is pursuing the maximum profit at the lowest cost in the shortest time, so although everyone is tired, the customers who are expensive for God are still not satisfied ..


I recently read the "new business model code" by Alexander osterwalder, and re-understood the value proposition. In this article, I am entitled to read this post, not the innovation of Amon, the so-called value proposition, is a series of products and services that create value for specific customer segments. It solves customer problems or meets customer needs. Value can be innovative and displayed as a brand new product or service. It can also be similar to products or services in the existing market, but only adds functions and features.


Value can be quantitative, such as price and service speed, or qualitative, such as design and customer experience. If our products or services meet the following goals, it will help us create value for our customers.


(1) novelty;

Sometimes the novelty we understand is not very accurate. We are always trying to invent or create products or functions or services that have never been seen before. In fact, this is extremely difficult, the funny thing is that after several years of research, we finally launched a new product, but you sadly found that similar products in other places have been flooded. The so-called novelty, I understand, is that if we can meet the new requirements that customers never feel and experience, it is the top one. If we can make customers more happy, more convenient, and more efficient, and save costs, that is already very good, so novelty is not always related to technology.

(2) High Performance;

Improving product and service performance is a common way to create value in the traditional sense. But to be honest, sometimes performance is a conspiracy. For example, Moore's Law in the PC industry is awesome. You finally bought a PC with hard-earned money, but it took less than a year, they said they had to update their systems. The speed was getting faster and faster, the disk space was getting bigger and bigger, the application software was getting more complicated and occupied, and the poor humans were getting dumb. I also think that although the performance is constantly improving, it does not contribute to the corresponding growth in user requirements.

(3) customizable;

Customizes products and services to meet specific needs of individual customers or customer segments to create value. This is the direction for Chinese software to think deeply and work hard. I always think that it is a good idea to let customers participate in production and customization. In the old age, we can regard customers as fools, however, in the new age of the new society, we need to make our customers smarter and more active, and let them truly experience the feeling of being the owner in the Process of refreshing customization and production.

(4) good design and good user experience;

Let's talk about this. Let's take a look at Apple's series of products. However, China really lacks talent or such philosophy.

(5) cost reduction;

Helping customers cut costs is an important way to create value. This can be quantified. In what ways does the product or service you provide Save the customer cost and how much does it save?

(6) lower prices;

Providing homogeneous value with lower value is a common practice to satisfy price-sensitive customer segments. Just like some internet models, don't worry too much about it. It's free first. Do you still want to make money if you have traffic and users with data? In the future, free products and services will more and more penetrate into all walks of life, how to make money? How to Make Money skillfully? It is the wisdom of enterprise managers.

(7) risk suppression;

When a customer buys products and services, helping the customer suppress risks can also create value for the customer.

(8) brand/identity status;

Customers can discover value by using and displaying a specific brand. This foreign company is doing well, such as Rolex, montblanc, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, LV, Gucci, etc. However, Chinese people are the most widely used and most widely used, such as "cousin" and "uncle.

(9) accessibility;

Providing products and services to customers that have never been reached before is another way to create value. This may be the result of business model innovation, the result of new technologies, or both.

(10) Convenience/availability.

Making things more convenient or easy to use can create considerable value. If a customer needs to train for a few days to use a software product, it is a failed product. The product must provide convenience and improve efficiency for the customer. Simplicity is always the first goal of the product.


Although it is a post-reading experience, there are actually a lot of ideas and languages that Amon is hanging around. If they are not correct, just laugh and don't have to worry. Sometimes we want to be complicated. In fact, many times, we can simply create value by helping our customers do this well.

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