How to customize the wamp configuration after installation

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This article describes how to customize wamp configuration after wamp is installed. it mainly describes how to solve the Forbiddenyoudonthavapermissiontoaccess * ontheserver error prompt, for more information, see WampServer, which is currently a widely used Integrated PHP development environment. This article describes how to customize the configuration after Wamp is installed. For your reference. The details are as follows:

After wamp2.5 is installed, manually reset the default apache root directory. However, it is found that the local machine is accessible, and others are not.

Message: Forbidden you dont hava permission to access * on the server

Indicates that you do not have the access permission!

This is a common problem. you only need to modify the directory permission.

After searching for many of the methods described on the Internet, we found that all the rows with 'deny' were replaced with 'allow from all', but they could not be tested in person.

With all kinds of confusions, I tried to study phpmyadmin, which is the best example.

In The phpmyadmin. conf file under/wamp/alias, the following comments are written at the beginning of the document:

# To give access to phpmyadmin from outside # replace the lines ## Require local ## by ## Require all granted #

Here, the answer is obvious.

ThereforeFind the apache2.4.9 \ conf \ httpd. conf file and The last line of the node:

Replace 'require local' with 'require all granted'

Now, the problem is solved!

The experience of solving the problem is obvious,The best solution is Demo!

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