How to Deal with it -- extremely slow shutdown ...?

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During work, during reboot, the machine in the automated testing machine pool will usually be shut down for a long time... This seriously affects the automated testing in batches!


During the discussion of troubleshot, a colleague proposed to develop a tool for monitoring. If shutdown occurs, the VMware Guest machine will be restarted (the machines in our automated testing machine pool are all virtualized :-), I think that this solution is not a good solution if it only targets this problem. It seems that the problem itself is deviated, that is, why is slow shutdown? Can it be avoided?


As a result, I think of the problem itself. Why is slow shutdown? Can it be avoided?


Of course, I checked it on Microsoft's site. They told me that after the Windows system is running, there are not "one person in the fight", but many independent services. When you want to shut down the system, the system is to clear some of the system's virtual memory and system hibernation cache, and all services must be closed. If some services cannot be shut down or some items cannot be cleaned up, the shutdown may be stopped all the time. As a matter of fact, people already know this problem. They also say that they have installed unmatched software, such as Roxio easy CD creator, and started the unstopped system services, such as remote maintenance ance, remote Desktop, installed with unmatched hardware, and so on.


If the cause is found, the solution will also exist. Check whether conflicting software and hardware exist and whether there are unnecessary services, virtual Memory/cache and log writing are not required during Shutdown (this is the system setting option. Microsoft has long known that this may happen and has set a switch ). Run gpedit. MSC for setting:


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