How to deal with moving the hard drive into water

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the processing method of moving the hard disk into water:

The mobile hard drive that just soaks water is unable to receive electricity.

Now can only wait for the cold dry to try, if not, you have to change the circuit board.

The disc section is generally not broken and is well sealed. The water is estimated to be moving the hard drive box.

No more, I changed a mobile hard disk box good.


Generally can be used, but need to blow dry after access to the computer to confirm.

Removable hard disk has a hard disk box cover, even if the water when read and write, generally will only lead to the hard disk box read and write circuit burned out, the inside of the hard drive generally will not have problems. The influent of the mobile hard drive, disconnect the hard drive box out of the inside of the hard drive, the hard drive into the new hard disk box can continue to use.

Common problems with attaching a removable hard disk:

Mobile hard disk storage a large number of important data, once there is any problem, it will make people very worried. Changing a hard disk is a trivial matter, but the loss of information and data is even more annoying. In the process of using the hard disk, due to the user's momentary lack of attention, it is often easy to cause unexpected problems. Next, the study of the small series will give you a brief introduction of the Patriot Mobile hard disk may appear problems, and introduce specific solutions.

Mobile Hard Disk is the name of a hard disk as storage media, the exchange of large volumes of data between computers, emphasizing the portability of storage products. The vast majority of mobile hard drives on the market are based on standard hard drives, while only a small number of them are made of tiny hard drives (1.8-inch hard drives, etc.), but the price factor determines whether the mainstream mobile hard disk or the standard notebook hard disk is the basis. Because the hard disk is used as a storage medium, the read and write mode of the removable hard disk is the same as the standard IDE hard disk.

The mobile hard disk uses the USB, the IEEE1394 and so on faster transmission speed interface, may the high speed and the system carries on the data transmission. As of 2009, the mainstream 2.5-inch brand mobile hard disk read speed of about 15-25MB/S, write speed of about 8-15mb/s.

The first cause of failure is the hard disk in use when the computer suddenly power off or illegal shutdown, or users in the hard drive after the use of direct unplug. There is this cause of the mobile hard drive failure, we need to check the disk first, check the specific methods are as follows: Click "Start"-"Run"-Enter the "CHKDSK Letter:/F" In the Input box-press ENTER, and then according to the computer prompts, select a different key to operate. In another case, when the "file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" prompt when you delete a file on your hard disk, you can also resolve the problem by running the chkdsk disk check.

The second failure occurs when the hard drive denies access. At this point, we first want to turn off file sharing by using the "Start"-"My Computer"-"Tools"-"Folder Options"-"View"-"Advanced Settings"-Remove the "Use Simple File sharing" option. Next, select the folder you want to access, right-click, select Properties, and select the Security message box on the Security tab, and select your own username under the "Owner" tab on the Advanced tab, which is typically administrator. When you select the above options, click OK to save these settings.

In addition, repair software such as Easepecovery Pro can be used to repair a mobile hard drive. But small make up to remind everyone is, in their own mobile hard disk repair, or is likely to cause loss of data, so if the hard disk has relatively important documents, small part of the proposal to find professionals to repair.

With the increasing number of electronic files, mobile hard disk is becoming more and more important in data storage. Therefore, in order to ensure the security of mobile hard disk, facing the situation of file and data loss, we should pay special attention to it. Also hope that the above content for the Patriot mobile HDD repair to help.

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