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I remember just contact PS software when I don't even know what tools. At that time I also always feel that there should be any tutorials can make me anything will be better. Then gradually understand that there is no one step on the heaven, no matter what learning need to have a little patience, one day to learn a little slowly accumulation, a little time every day to learn the basic tools of PS. Set yourself a goal. Now there are many video tutorials online, every day to see a one months after you look at yourself, you will find that the basic you have learned. The software is fixed on those several functions, people are living a day to learn not to be divided into 10 days. Slowly digest. As long as you have a heart, there is nothing to learn. The key is to insist on ...

The previous post describes how to use curves and sharpening to deal with professional images, "Enjoy the future" a white cloth and a magazine to take a professional picture

But there are a lot of the shopkeeper asked me how to deal with, want to know my baby's original image and the difference between the picture, in the last chapter is not careful enough, today I put on the tutorial to upgrade, spent an afternoon in depth to deconstruct the curve, and then combined with layer mask, so that not only the photo highlighted, baby itself color can be saved. If the individual use of the curve will sometimes destroy the color of the baby itself, there will be a little chromatic aberration, if the use of the curve and then combined with the mask can let the baby lighten up while also reducing the chromatic aberration. This operation is actually very simple, for like us these PS rookie, compared to pull a picture and then lighten to be much simpler. Does not require a very thick technical base. Greatly saves us the time to fix the picture. Quickly improve our productivity.

Post-processing 0 color Difference tips-curve-binding layer mask.

Let baby beauty and reality coexist.

Let's take a look at the layer mask

Mask popular speaking, is a picture part does not need, but do not need to delete things to protect. In the use of the mask process, the black represents hidden, white represents the display, gray represents translucent, so this must be set up to see the effect. such as the picture of this tutorial. My aim is to brighten up the background, but I do not like to spoil the color of the main body, this time I use the mask can take the place of the baby main body with a black brush to erase (mask black represents hidden, the plot layer of the baby's place to hide, the baby body that small piece will not be affected by the curve. ) is equivalent to having it restored without modifying the color.

Well, don't talk too much. Start learning

I cut out the entire PS working interface, because I know a lot of people do not know about PS need to see more comprehensive, I have not before the time to see other people's tutorials are cut operation of the area, the people familiar with PS is to understand, but for beginners ... Baidu can only be found in the article mentioned in the tool.

1. Open the PS software in the computer. (I'm using Adobe PhotoshCS4)

2. Click on file-open-Select the picture you want to modify-open

3. Click "Create new fill or adjust layer" in the image layer panel to create a curve

4. After the selection of the curve, the level of the layer board will be more than one of the layers, the curved frame to highlight the adjustment, not too large, to avoid chromatic aberration. We made many adjustments.

5. Repeat the 4th step

6. After 2 curves baby picture is very beautiful, but it is not real, now is the time to change the subject of the baby. The first step is to select the brush, then set the brush, and then set the foreground and background colors.

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