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Chinese users are using many types of download software, use the Thunderbolt software users will be very impressive download speed of thunder, ordinary ADSL line, most software or movies can reach hundreds of K download speed, even relatively unpopular software is no exception, the download experience is far better than the previous popular peer-to-peer download software.

  The download mechanism of Thunderbolt software

In principle, Peer-to-peer (Peer to Peer) is based on point-to-point (Peer-to-peer network), one end of the download speed and the other end of the upload speed is closely related, because the majority of Chinese users use ADSL internet, ADSL upload speed is not fast, only dozens of K speed, some users will artificially limit the upload speed, This leads to a peer-to-peer approach to the lack of upload bandwidth resources, so Chinese users will generally feel the speed of peer-to-peer more slowly.

P2S (Peer to server) is based on the user to the server, users directly to a large download site to download files, files stored in the Web server, so the speed can be guaranteed, usually there will be hundreds of K speed, but the problem is that resources are dispersed, not easy to search.

And the thunderbolt used by the P2SP (Peer to Server & Peer) based on the user of servers and user mechanisms, different from peer-to-peer, but also different from the P2S,P2SP download method in fact, the further extension of Peer-to-peer technology, it not only supports Peer-to-peer technology, At the same time, the server resources and Peer-to-peer resources are integrated by retrieving the database, when a user downloads a file, it automatically searches for other resources and chooses the right resources for acceleration, which makes the Thunder download more stable and faster than the traditional peer-to-peer has greatly improved.

The core problem in this is the Intelligent resource choice of thunder, users use Thunderbolt to download a file at the same time, the Thunderbolt will automatically collect the user's download address, and to MD5 value to determine whether the same file, thus forming a huge download link library, so that in the Thunder server end of the integration of resources, When the following users download the same file, the Thunderbolt will be based on the user specific speed and go to a faster server to download the same file, because the choice is usually the result of optimization, so users feel download speed is indeed very fast.

  Thunder and software Download station conflict

However, the download mechanism of the traditional software download station has formed a large flow pressure, software download station will find its own flow consumption more and more, but the page traffic is not growing, a lot of traffic by a large number of users silently consumption of thunder, that is usually said "hotlinking."

The definition of "hotlinking" is that the file is not on its own server, but by technical means, bypassing the final page where others have an interest in advertising, and providing content directly to the end user on its own page.

So, one day in June 2006, Huajun, Sky and other domestic well-known download site suddenly released a ban, claiming that the thunderbolt to take illegal hotlinking means, consumption of its download server resources, infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of download sites, so stop providing thunder software download service. The incident has stirred the entire IT industry.

Thunderbolt was banned after all to the end of the settlement, reconciliation agreement written in black and white is "... To achieve cooperation and mutual benefit, and work together to create a harmonious industrial chain ", after the rapid development of the Thunderbolt is also more and more quickly, but also launched a television channel based on P2SP-Thunderbolt look, to achieve a more fluent video-on-demand service.

At the beginning of 2009, the Thunder Alliance also began to try to push the flow to the software download station, but the push flow similar to the flow of the window, the quality of its flow is not too high.

  The countermeasures of software download station

Ordinary software download Station to this "hotlinking" behavior is more objectionable, if its download address page is not user access, these sites not only did not get web traffic, but their own server resources for free contribution to users, which will lead to advertising investment and other aspects of economic losses. But often there are many ways to do nothing, for example, the use of check code, FTP change password, modify the way to download the path, but the final download address will be the Thunder client access, can not avoid this "hotlinking", then, software download Station if you want to avoid being hotlinking, how to operate it? Here I think of several ways to deal with P2SP, theoretically should be able to solve this problem for everyone to analyze and explore.

  1, modify the contents of the download file

Since P2SP through MD5 and other ways to determine whether the same file, then change the MD5 value of the file can avoid being p2sp software download, how to change the download file MD5 it, as long as the contents of the file has a little change, the file MD5 will change, so the solution is also very simple, For example, the zip format of the download file, as long as the bulk of the file into a useless file, you can change the size of the file and MD5 values. However, batch modification of ZIP or RAR compressed files requires specialized software to execute.

  2, modify the download file path

If the download file is placed in the same directory, then can modify this directory name, so download the file download link URL address changes, forming a new address, if this address of the download file MD5 is not the same, it will not be P2SP software to judge the same file, so as to avoid such p2sp download.

  3, cautiously joined the Thunder Alliance

The Thunder Alliance is the Thunder for cooperates with the download station sharing the benefit to divide, altogether enters altogether wins and forms the Cooperation Alliance. Download site will download the link to support the download of thunder, Thunder can be downloaded by the number of times to pay a certain fee, and thunderbolt also by pushing the flow of the way to increase the download station first flow. However, users use the Thunderbolt download, the file will be the Thunder server-side records, the current load is very large, will be ranked first in the Thunder search rankings, this will bring a direct search from the Thunder to download the amount, these downloads will not access to the original download site page.

  4, the use of separate download space

Use a separate domain name or site to place the download file, not with the main station together, so you can configure the download site alone settings, limit the number of simultaneous connections and download bandwidth, but also a good way to save traffic.

In general, the small software download station should avoid waste of traffic, avoid hotlinking, but also should be able to do, if not enough traffic support, such as using a hundreds of-yuan virtual host, do not provide a large number of file downloads, otherwise it will be worn down. However, large software download station strategy can be different, not necessarily to save traffic, because usually large download station will be hosted by the independent server, with a certain bandwidth guarantee, as long as not put some large files, usually will not flow overrun, then do not care about the thunder of this P2SP behavior, And can use the Thunder to do some advertising, if the traffic is too large, you can directly use the fourth method mentioned above, limit the number of connections to download space can reduce server load.

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