How to debug PHP with Zend Debugger in Zend Studio

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After introducing the Zend Debugger Install configuration tutorial in the PHP5 environment, today it is said that how to use Zend Debugger debug PHP program in Zend Studio, Zend Debugger is more convenient, I use Zend Studio7, The Debug Configuration interface for Zend Studio7 is slightly different from the earlier Zend studio.

Before you use Zend Debugger to debug PHP in Zend Studio, install Zend Debugger, and if you are unfamiliar with the use of Zend Studio, it is recommended that you first learn the PHP development tools Zend Studio7 Introductory Tutorial.

Since I used xdebug to debug PHP before, in order to use Zend Debugger, we first need to open Zend Studio7, set the Debug configuration options for Zend Studio, as follows: Select the menu bar project-> Properties, select the Left PHP debug option

Zend Studio7 Debug Settings

Zend Debugger Use special note : If you use Xdebug debugging PHP before, please set up PHP Debug and restart Zend Studio, or you may still be using Xdebug debugging instead of Zend debugger debugging.

In addition to the above settings, Zend Studio7 Debug has another way to set up, mainly for a single debug file, the following method, select the Run->debug configurations in the menu bar, select the PHP Web Page Debug page in debug debugging mode, select Zend Debugger in the right Server panel, you can click Test Debugger, if Zend Debugger installation is successful, it will eject the test Debuger Server Success dialog box , which declares that the Zend Debug server connection is successful, whereas if Xdebug is not installed, the test debugger button is invalidated when you select Xdebug, as shown

Set Zend Studio Debug and test Zend Debugger connected successfully

This approach is useful for changing the debugging tools of a single PHP file in Zend Studio, that is, choosing to use Zend Debugger or Xdebug for debugging. The previous setup was primarily aimed at setting the way the entire project was debugged.

Finally, I summarize the way to debug PHP in Zend Studio using Zend Debugger:

1. Import (new) project in Zend Studio

2, set the project or file Zend Studio Debug Debugging method

3, select the Debug as or debug URL in the menu bar run to debug, Zend Studio Zend Debugger Debugging interface and Xdebug similar, can also start the debugging session through F11, F5 (Single-step debugging), set breakpoints and so on.

This is the way to debug PHP using Zend Debugger in Zend Studio.

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