How to decompose a plist picture into a single image

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First I give you two of the tools I wrote:


Let's download the file first, let me show you how to use it:

Here I have provided two tools and The is used to convert texturepacker compressed formats such as PVR/PVR.CCZ to png; for converting plist and PNG files into a scatter plot.

How to convert Pvr/pvr.ccz pictures to PNG (if your resource is already PNG, you can skip this step)

  First we need to install a tool texturepacker (here I have different download links I can online down), and then choose the installation texturepacker command line tool:



After the completion of our preparation work is finished, the following can be directly to the map.


Python [source Path] [suffix] [outpath:option]

[Source Path]: The path to PVR/PVR.CCZ

[suffix]: extension for the converted file (EG:PVR, Pvr.ccz ...)

[Outpath]: Optional for the converted output directory. Default View current directory

Second, convert plist and PNG files into a scatter plot.

First, install the two Python tools XML and PIL. The method of installation I will not do too much to repeat.

Here's my other script file,

Python [directory/xxx.plist]

[Directory/xxx.plist]: The input parameter can be a directory or a single plist file

Success creates one or more folders in the current directory that are the same as the plist file and holds the scatter files.

Thank you for reading!

If you have any questions in the use of the process can be directly below the message or send to my personal email [email protected].

How to decompose a plist picture into a single image

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