How to delete a header footer

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How Word Deletes a header footer

  Word automatically adds a horizontal line underneath the text when you create a header and footer. The way to delete this horizontal line is simple. The Triple tutorial introduces how to remove a header footer in two ways:

First, Direct elimination:

Menu View-headers and footers   position the cursor at the header (or footer) where you want to remove the horizontal line

Click Menu formatting – borders and Shading in the Open dialog box, select the lower-right corner of the Header tab to apply to paragraph

in the preview you'll see there is a bottom border click it or use the button to set the hide and display of the border   you will see the bottom box in the preview disappears, OK exit.

Second, style modification

Menu Formatting---Select styles and formatting   The style and Formatting task pane appears to the right of Word text

Find the header style Click the down arrow button at the far right to select From "Modify ..." The Pop-up Style modification window

Selects the Add to template check box in the lower-left corner of the window and clicks the rest of the border in the Format button   pop-up menu and then says no more than the first method.

Note: The second method is a bit more complicated, but it can be done with a multiplier effect. The same line will not appear when you insert a header into a new document.

Bulk Delete hyperlinks in Word documents

A nearly hundred-page Word document that inserts more than 1000 different hyperlinks, one to delete time-consuming and laborious, and there is no way to delete all hyperlinks without changing the rich formatting of the text.  

Open the document, ALT + F11 the Macro editor (VBE), insert a module, copy the following code to paste in the module:

Sub Hyperlinksdel ()

Dim i%

Ap Plication. ScreenUpdating = False

with thisdocument.hyperlinks

for i =. Count to 1 Step-1

. Item (i). Delete


End With

application.screenupdating = True

End Sub

then ALT + F8 the Macro dialog box, select Macro Hyperlinksdel, and execute.

The last Alt + F11, select the newly-created module, right-click to remove, do not export, OK

to wrap up!
How Word deletes a header footer

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