How to delete computer files

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How to delete computer files

Restores the deleted file to the summed up in fact, the two-week approach: Using Windows cache logging function to retrieve files and use of Third-party software to scan the disk, looking for the information has been covered or erased to reorganize, although can be found to some extent deleted files, but can not guarantee 100%, A byte does not leak the restoration succeeds, therefore still needs everybody to form the diligent backup, deletes, clears the Recycle station to check before the good custom.

The premise of using Windows to retrieve files is that the computer does not have the cleaning software to optimize the system, garbage cleanup and other operations, if you have been related to more than, please skip directly to the second method, this recruit to save a spare.

After win+r input regedit into the registry, direct positioning to


Right click on the right mouse button to create a new "item" and rename it to:


Then double-click the "Default" item on the right to change the value data to "Recycle Bin".

After you restart your computer, you can generally restore files that were deleted before.

If not, we can only use the ultimate big strokes.

Now the optional recovery software is much more than it was a few years ago, but the cost of the product is quite large. If you only occasionally retrieve a deleted file, you can choose to easyrecovery this SOFTWARE product for trial.

After installation, select the type of drive you want to restore files to,

Follow the instructions to select the partition on which you want to recover the file and have the software scan it.

Then select the file or folder you want to restore to "save" it.

There are several places to be aware of using third-party recovery software, first, do not install it in a system partition that needs to be restored, and the second is to save the recovery file in a location that cannot be restored, such as recovering a Recycle Bin file or a C disk file, and choosing a location to save must be D or E. Prevents file duplication from being overwritten before recovery.

As long as you master these two, as long as not a formatted hard drive, basically can be deleted before the file back. Yes, there's also a quick way to retrieve the Removable Storage delete file. When you put a U disk or mobile hard disk files to the Recycle Bin, as long as not empty the Recycle Bin, and then plug them back into the computer, before the deleted files can be seen in the Recycle Bin, directly in the Recycle Bin select "Restore" can oh.

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