How to delete the blank page in WPS?

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How to delete the blank page in WPS? How does wps delete blank pages? When editing WPS documents, sometimes there will be blank pages, how also deleted, very annoying, is usually pressed Backspace Delete key to delete it, but if the general press Backspace Delete key cannot be deleted, because the previous page has been filled with the table, Deleting keys through backspace cannot be deleted.

Method One:

1, first double click on a blank page on any one page, enter the edit state of the page, make it appear to the ruler on the right side of the page, and then place the mouse over the bottom of the ruler at the lime interval, with the arrow moving up and down, slightly below to increase the space of the page;

2. After releasing the mouse, the blank page of the next page automatically disappears! (Note: blank pages Remember to delete all content, spaces to be deleted, no symbols and all kinds of content)

A feasible deletion method for plain blank pages

Method Two:

Put the mouse directly on the blank page point "backspace (Backspace)" key to delete it.

Method Three:

Place the cursor at the end of the previous page of the blank page and press the Delete key.

Method Four:

Press the shortcut key Ctrl+end, and then press the BACKSPACE key to remove forward.

Method Five:

If there is a blank page on the next page due to a table at the end of the previous page, we can place the cursor on the bottom of the table box, and when the cursor becomes a double-headed arrow with the upper and lower sides, drag up the blank page as far as possible without affecting the contents of the table. If it's still not working, you can reduce the value of the bottom margin.

Note: The next page of the blank page remember to delete all the content, the space to delete, can not leave any symbols and all kinds of content.

Note : Please pay attention to the triple triple tutorial channel for more wonderful tutorials,

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