How to deploy a Maven Project (on) and maven Project

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How to deploy a Maven Project (on) and maven Project



How to deploy a Maven Project (I): how to install a Maven (** in windows)


I heard a lecture from a young teacher yesterday. I introduced Maven to us, but I learned it myself. I have time to test it myself today!

Understand the advantages of maven:

1. maven can share the jar developed by java among multiple projects. [I see here]

2. Most racks can be obtained from the maven database (networking required)

Du Niang also gave an explanation: du Mom told you

Maven also needs JDK support and won't install JDK.

Official Website:


Installation steps:



1. decompress the package to a full English path (preferably)

2. Create an environment variable:


Variable name

Variable value


C: \ Program Files \ Maven \ apache-maven-3.3.1.


Add % m_home % \ bin at the end


3. Open the dos window: Run mvn-version

The success is as follows:


4. Add a local repository to Maven [a friend who has used a version controller (github or something) should be familiar with it. This is a public jar library in a computer and where all maven projects will be taken]:


A. Find the installation directory/conf/setting. xml and be granted the Administrator permission.

B. Edit setting. xml.

1 <settings> 2 <! -- Specify path --> 3 <localRepository> D:/java/repository </localRepository> 4 5 </settings>




After installing maven and configuring the local repository, A Maven project will be arranged. The next blog will describe it.





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