How to design a blank page, experience better!

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In the design project that I went through, all the project members would require the designer to make the so-called "typical page", which is the product's homepage and the detail page.

A blank page, or a default data page (for example, no contacts and no chat history), is usually considered at the end of the design process. Sometimes, it can even be forgotten. Until a development classmate proposed, "This page, if there is no data, what kind of ghost?" 』

Users "First Use" your product will encounter a blank state of the page, which is the user to touch your product to the inevitable. In this process, a good blank page should achieve three goals:

    • Educating users

    • Pleasing users

    • Guide users

1. Educate your users

Blank Recycle Bin page--items in the Recycle Bin will be deleted after 60 days.

A good blank page should address the following issues:

    • What: Explain what this page is saying

    • Where: Tell the user where they are now and what they can do next

    • When (when): explains where the whitespace will appear in the case of valid data

A blank shared link page--something you share will appear here

2. Delight your users

Blank Code Submission Page

This is BitBucket's Code submission record page, when it is empty, the personification of the site-a small bucket in resentment tone, said, "I do not have any record of submission, which makes me seem useless." I feel very sad. "(To solve this problem)

A good first impression is not just about usability, it is also about the tuning of the product.
Ask yourself these questions:

    • Can you make users feel fresh or unexpected?

    • Can you let users smile from the bottom of their hearts?

    • Can you make users feel the excellent tuning of your products?

A blank collection

A cactus was standing there, saying, "It looks like a desert here!" You don't have anything to collect. "Then there is a button to guide the user to the collection of actions.

A blank content page

A slightly bitter panda face, said, "We didn't find anything around you. It looks like there's nothing special going on around you. You can try this function again in a while. 』

By pleasing the user through a blank page, you can do these:

Brand: Introducing and strengthening your brand elements
Highlights (Different): Creative or show your sense of humor
Resonance (Relatable): Show your product a warm human side

A blank task interface

It looks like a task List page for a game. A diver was next to a shark and said, "You're not ready, commander." Go back and train. 』

3. Guide User Actions

Blank Item page

A villain looks thoughtfully at the upper right corner and reads, "Hmm ... That blue button must be important. "

Blank Watch List page

"You have not paid any attention to anyone," he said. Follow other people to see the stories they collect. The more you pay attention to, the better service Flipboard offers! "Next is a button that directs the user to follow other people's actions."

Airbnb's Blank history itinerary page

"When you end a trip, you'll see it here," he said. "The next step is an action button that directs the user to explore.

The next step to guide the user on a blank page is to include these three points:

    • Motivation (motivate): Show motivational language to target users, for example: "Start now!" 』

    • Persuasion (persuade): The point of interest is not only shown on the landing page. When users interact with your product, you can also show points of interest over and over again.

    • Direct: Shows the unique and optimal path to the user at the outset. Provide the action button or give the boot. It's not a good time for users to make a choice when they first touch the app. You should make the experience of first contact as simple as possible. If you need to create some content at the beginning, you should provide some templates and other things that users can learn from.

add a blank page to the investment bar

The best design is often the most challenging-it requires a delicate balance of information presentation and operation. However, a blank page can block your users from further exploring the subtle interface you've designed. Aren't these blank pages worth your time and attention?

How to design a blank page, experience better!

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