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Registration page is the main way to obtain user data, is definitely not the simpler the better, the design should be from experience to provide users with convenience, rather than reduce the threshold of registration. Rookie blogger combined with previous articles on form design and some of his own shallow experience to make a summary:

(The following is biased towards business-to-business websites)

A "Registration requirements include"

The need for registration can be divided into four steps: ① user type classification ② visitors into membership ③ access to user information ④ information and value-added guidance

① First look at how the major sites do user type classification of this step:


China Manufacturing Network International station, will select the region in the first step, directly through domestic and foreign IP to distinguish between buyers and suppliers of the form.

On the classification of user types, I have summed up a bit:

1. According to the IP classification of domestic and foreign users, and then according to regional habits fill out the corresponding form.

2. According to the user's needs classification:

E-commerce Category: Suppliers, buyers, enterprises, individuals, groups and so on.

Job-Seeking Category: publishing the position of enterprises, candidates, candidates are divided into fresh and non-fresh students.

Social class: Male, female, married, unmarried.

② converts visitors into a member

The approximate requirements for this step include:

1. Fill in the account data. Mainly include: Account number, password, mailbox, protocol.

2. To prevent malicious registration, need to verify the code response mechanism.

3. An entry for an existing account should be provided.

③ Access to user information

1. List the detailed information form for the user to fill in selectively.

2. Access to valuable user information, company information and contact details

④ data improvement and user guidance

1. After filling out all the information, users will not let the user "hang", will provide the use of guidance.

2. Provide value-added service preview and introduction.

3. Provide mailbox activation.

Look at some examples of user-led

About the requirements of registration is probably this, below we start process analysis;

Two "registered process"

The main process is roughly summed up, where the second process uses the most registration process for existing sites.

The most problematic thing in this process is the mailbox activation.

About Mailbox activation:

1. The mailbox verification failure is divided into three kinds of situations:

① did not receive the message, you can click on the current page to send the button again, the system will send a new activation mail to the user, the previous link is invalid.

The ② mailbox activation link has expired, but the account information has not expired, will guide the user to log in the Member Center, sends the activation mail again.

③ mailbox activation Link has expired, account information also expired (some sites do not have to do the activation of the account to do delete processing)

, when the user clicks the link, will prompt him to sign in the Member Center, the login did not succeed gives the reason, lets him re-register.

Of course, the deletion of the account before the email notification.

Three "How to design to enhance the experience of filling out forms"

1. First, give the user a reason to join

Add an ad copy to a blank area of a form

2. Tell the user how to fill out.

① the specifications of each content should be given a clear indication. (tips include reasons to let users fill in, such as why I want your cell phone number; Fill in the example e.g.)

② clearly describes what is required and what is optional? (must be filled with *, you can add fields marked with a asterisk * are required at the top). Such a word, in fact, can not add, because can be turned on all know * is required, but I said PM had to add the

③ uses a progress ruler to prompt the user what steps have been completed and how many steps to make.

After the successful registration of ④, you need to "compliment" the user and tell the user what to do next. (If I were to write a copy, I would imitate the digital company's safety test--Congratulations!) you have successfully defeated 19999 of the Mars users, the registration has been successful! Below you can release the product or continue to refine the company material.

Four "How to design"

The foreplay seems a bit long, so let's talk about the design of the specific page.

① Page Layout

② Information Reminders and error way (hint rule: the mouse clicks the input box is displayed, triggering the next input box disappears; Error rules, instant check error. The correct words will show √ if the front end has time can also change the input box color to remind)

③ information must be categorized so that the form will appear less long.

④ shows the Step progress bar (this has been said before)

⑤ Remove Interference elements (many PM all think user is a fool, what information is piled up, for fear that others do not know, to give a counter example)

⑥ as far as possible to provide a single choice (option less to use the dropdown box)

⑦ Perfect Fill in the details (to have a service attitude, we can do, do not bother the user)

Seems to have finished, do not know the shooting division & Siege engineers have awakened?

Finally, thanks for reading.

Author: Xiao Meng

Article Source: The interactive design of the small fierce

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