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The word sense of participation has recently been very hot, also impress the user a very effective way of expression, today, Ali's classmates from this angle to talk about how to design the Web page, using space rules, abstract rules and changing the angle of the law to give users more pleasure and integration, very material a tutorial, to rise posture bar.

  Problems encountered

In the design of operational requirements, we adopt a more conventional design form is to design a beautiful head map and then the information content for typesetting fill, when encountered in the pages of the text elements more cumbersome, a large number of content is not only easy to allow users to browse when the fatigue, and designers in the process will easily fall into the traditional box can not break, in the design of the boring, more boring. When we collect design inspiration, we will notice that many excellent operation designs are not limited to the conventional form, but more and more attention to the overall picture to the user to bring more sense of pleasure and integration. How to break the routine, so that the page in both form and emotional more attractive to the user is our designer worthy of thinking.

What forms of design can be more interesting and easier to impress users? One of the main performance techniques of operation design is to render the theme atmosphere by creating the scene. The understanding of "situation" refers to the scene, the environment, the atmosphere has, then try to add some emotional infection and empathy, "scene" another layer is refers to the characters, plot, scenery arouse people's emotions and inner realm. Manufacturing scene experience on the one hand, the page information placed to the real environment of life, so that the picture conforms to the theme and very intuitive, on the other hand can guide the user to expand their imagination, evoke a certain memory, so that users have immersive feelings.

Users not only as a spectator, but also with the first person's perspective to participate in the screen, so that users quickly exposure to the scene, driving emotions, arouse the interest of users to complete follow-up operations. Here are some specific ways to create a situational experience and examples to help you design more interesting operations pages:

  Space law

Space sense of rendering can make people more "immersive" feeling, this way mainly based on the theme of the simulation of real scenes, and then through the overall perspective of the composition of the picture to show a sense of stereoscopic space, increase the impact of strong screen, and suddenly attract users into the atmosphere. Let's look at a few examples:

The above examples are created through space to create a sense of the image, the atmosphere and real life scenes are very similar, users are easily attracted to the atmosphere. It is necessary to note that the construction of the stereo scene for the material and the overall level of control requirements are relatively high, in the design of the time need to build a large picture relationship, and then add details and content, but also pay attention not to let the scene rob the visual focus of the content, in the appropriate time to do some subtraction.

  Abstract rules

Different from the above mentioned real space construction method, although this design is also the selection of realistic objects, but need to refine the content of the clever fusion of the host container to build the body contour, and then fill in the outline of the content. This form allows users to get a glimpse of some information, but also to fit the theme of a good communication situation atmosphere, so that the page lively and interesting, especially for some holiday theme of the operation of the page.

Put the content in the box or a love letter, immediately produced a sense of intimacy, abstract theme through the entity of explicit expression, the first can understand the subject. This method needs to select the appropriate realistic elements and a high degree of generalization, pay attention to the shape as concise as possible, avoid too much image, the appropriate discard some cumbersome, unnecessary elements, so as not to affect the content of reading.

  The principle of changing angles

In addition to restore the real scene, the angle of the difference will appear in different forms and feelings, the same rule of view will inevitably make the page appear monotonous and mediocre. Try to simulate real-life perspectives, and let's look at a few examples:

These examples are often familiar to us in life but easily overlooked, the work of looking down at the area of writing, the tilt of the page to restore the most real state of the table to pay attention to the food in their plate angle, the kind of visual feeling to be in it, the appeal is very strong. The same element theme often transforms the visual angle of view the way can skillfully break the conventional composition of the machine and unconventional, so that the page easily active. At the same time, the real scene next time closer to the user's distance, but also very easy to resonate with the user's heart. However, the conversion angle may not be suitable for reading normal text, pay attention to text typesetting to ensure the comfort of flow.

  The principle of local prominence

We often see a lot of movie poster design will intercept a part of the way as the center of gravity performance, maximize is also the most prominent, small to attract attention, while "still hold the pipa half cover" way to create more suspense, arouse the audience interest and thinking. How do you do it in the operational design? Let's take a look at a few examples to understand the design ideas.

The above examples are through the interception of local to attract eyeballs, such a local feature is magnified emphasis on the way to overthrow our regular visual habits so that the feelings of concentrated reinforcement, visual full of mystery instantly seize the user's eyeball, the purpose of the page is reached. This method can be used to learn from the film, photography, through a special perspective to create a wonderful picture.


The scene experience in the manufacturing page enhances the overall atmosphere of the page by restoring the realistic scene and then the artistic expression. So that users do not have to read the text can quickly understand that this is a topic-related pages, a strong sense of generation, can be more intuitive access to information, and the way the image is also reduced user cognitive costs, Affinity design in the form of emotional to the user more empathy. Of course, this way requires the designer to observe the daily life of the details, many associations with the scene related things, not necessarily rely on the accumulation of material can also create a touching page hit the user.

Operational design is now more and more attention to personality, fun and visual impact, the form and skills of the page is also diverse, the above summarized methods hope to help everyone in the design encounter bottlenecks to find some solutions. Designers need to be flexible and innovative to draw inspiration, to avoid the habitual thinking of the design, and constantly create new visual performance. Of course, there is more important is to use a lot of practice to transform into their own things, in order to get the ability to improve the ground.

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