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Banners are an important link between Web sites and visitors. In view of this, this article from the color, font, picture selection and other aspects to explain the design of banners in the site should pay attention to the relevant matters.

When a visitor opens your website, the banner should quickly draw their attention. A good banner not only captures the visitor's heart, but also arouses their desire to continue browsing. Banners or headers play a role as a bridge throughout the site, in addition to communicating the site content to visitors, and, more importantly, helping them build their first impressions of your business. Therefore, to design a good, professional banner, the key is to give it a unique temperament, full of impact visual effects and can effectively attract visitors attention.

Color-the color of the banner should be consistent with the overall tone of the site. Depending on the type of Web site you operate, choosing the right color will increase the attractiveness of the banner, and the pleasing light projection will make the banner style fresher. First design the best network pictures, then the site idea of color, and add pictures. Usually, in color selection to achieve the contrast effect, and with the background of harmony, so that the site's title and theme of the display more prominent.

Font-selected fonts should be the target audience, but also with the content of the site coordination. The font on the banner should be clear and easy to read. Font type selection, the recommendation of these three fonts: Helvetica black,impact and Arial, looks beautiful and without losing professionalism. Furthermore, the text on the banner should not be too much, even if the text is very large, there is enough room to accommodate, so read it more reasonable.

Pictures-Any successful header design is inseparable from the basic principle of simplicity. When you visit a website, the picture should not only quickly convey the basic theme of the site to the visitors, but also reflect the industry attributes of the site. In addition, originality in the header design is also an essential link. Therefore, in a sense, choose the picture to be unique, do not copy directly from other sites. Of course, you can also design pictures according to the theme of the website.

HTML tag-H1 tags are an integral part of each site, because it can play the role of emphasizing the title of the site. At the same time, H1 tags are also through the search engine to promote the site index (site evaluation) means, in the design of the site should pay attention to this point. In addition, the text of the header should be encoded in the order of correlation from high to low.

The header should be close to the content area-this is the basic rule that the banner design should follow, so placing a banner is convenient for visitors and saves them a lot of time searching for relevant information.

Appropriate tags-if your site header is designed to be dazzling, you should usually put a suitable label on the content below it. This will not only eliminate the doubts of visitors, but also prevent the emergence of spellbound phenomenon.

The main duty of the website banner is to make a good first impression to the visitors. A beautifully designed, eye-catching banner is better than words. Given that the average user stays on a particular page for no more than 7 seconds, the banner should be attractive enough to build confidence in the visitor so that they stay and continue browsing your site. (Compile: Li siming via:iconicwebdesigns)

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