How to Design metallic text effects in Illustrator

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I will give you a detailed analysis of the design of metal text effects for the Illustrator software users.
Tutorial sharing:
Enter the word "AI" in the toolbar. Then, select Creat outline in the Type menu to visualize the text so that the text can be further edited. We can see it after the graphical
Some editable nodes appear on the graphic text. We can proceed.


Select the Offset Path command in the Path sub-menu of the Object menu.


In Offset, enter an appropriate value based on the text size. In this example, I use a 72-pound Offset to input 0.1. Select Miter for Joins and enter 0.141 for Miter Limit. After all the settings are complete, press OK, and there will be an extra line outside the text. As shown in the following figure:


Now we select the outer line and then edit the blue Gradient between the two sides in the Gradient floating panel. Select linear (linear gradient) in Type, and Engle (angle) is 90 degrees.


Then we use the color in the toolbox to select our edited gradient.


At this time, the external line is filled with blue gradient.


After completing this operation, we will lock it for future convenience. You can use either of the following methods to lock an external line Image. The first method is direct. Select the external line chart (we can press Shift to select the graph in turn, so that we can select all the images to be selected), and then select Lock in the Object menu, the selected image is locked. The second method is to use layers to lock the image. First press on the layer panel


Create a new layer,


Then we selected an external line chart and we found a small square beside the pen image on the right side of layer1 (you should take a look at it carefully if your eyes are not good). We dragged the small square to layer2 with the mouse, at this time, the external line is changed to the layer color red (that is, the color of the square on the left of layer2 ). Since layer2 is above layer1, the figure of the outer line will cover the text, and we will drag layer2 to layer1 with the mouse.


Click the second box with the mouse


Lock layer2 and select layer1 to edit the image. Now we use the knife tool in the toolbox to split the text image into two parts. Note that if you use knif tool separately in a straight line, press the Alt key so that the split line is a straight line.


It is now used in the Gradient palette (Gradient) to bring up the Gradient of the starting point Blue end point White. Select the image in the lower half and fill it with the adjusted gradient. Fill the upper half with Baise. Finally, remove the line color of the text image.


In this way, we are done.


All right, the above information is a small editor for all the users of the Illustrator software to analyze and share in detail the creation of the design of metal text effects tutorial analysis to share all the content, users now see this. I believe that you are very clear about the production method. Then, let's go and follow the tutorial of the mini-editor to create the metal text you want.

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