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Home page is a site of the façade, but also some important content of the collection presented. Product managers, operations managers, UE designers, UI designers often work together, and usually spend the most effort on the home page. Of course, E-commerce site is no exception, the following analysis of E-commerce site home:

The function of home page:

If the E-commerce site home page is not "the most important", do you believe it? Electric dealers generally spend the most energy is the product detail page, because the detailed page can bring direct purchase transformation, is the soul of the entire electrical business site. In the E-commerce site, the Product detail page is the real landingpage.

An important goal of the home page is to allocate a reasonable amount of traffic to the detailed page, guide the user to find the right goods, and hope that they will end up in the detailed page of the transaction. We call this role the guiding shunt function.

In addition, the homepage also bears the responsibility of the brand image. Integrity is the first indicator of consumers, with a veto power, this law online under any transaction is applicable, including the Red Cross donations. Detailed page of the product selling point refined again good, the product picture design again tempting, want to produce a deal, the premise is based on the user's recognition of your platform and trust. We call this role a display of trust.

What people look home:

Home users can be divided into two kinds: purposeful and aimless, with "Amoy" and "stroll" These two words to describe the more image.

Like "Amoy" people, at least they will know what kind of things, such as: The recent life boring, need to release work pressure, so want to buy a more exciting detective novel look. Others clearly know that they need the name and model of the product, for example: I need a "complete Sherlock Holmes", because my wife and I are Sherlock Holmes fans.

Like "stroll" people are also our God, because they are often on the platform generated trust will often come to visit, and this part of the people tend to buy a love, there is no education costs.

Which product elements are necessary:

One of the most broad lines of product design thinking model: First consider why do (purpose)? Then what do you do (position)?

The above two paragraph analysis, we know the E-commerce home why do? The following to talk about what to do, those things are essential.

Head Image: Including the logo of your station, advertising language, service guarantee terms, 7*24 hours of service commitment and so on. These all play a role in the display of brand image, through a series of combinations, to let users from perception, to like, then to accept and trust. A credible platform is the cornerstone of all deals.

Search: Search is an essential element of the mall. It's a way of getting information about targeted users, like the one I'm going to buy my wife for the complete Sherlock Holmes story, shopping goal is clear, do not want to waste time, find a reliable mall direct search, there are bought, did not immediately fork off the page to leave (parity and so on is another code thing, varies from person to person).

Category construction: Also called "Class planning" or "commodity classification" and so on, is from the large categories to small categories to comb, and finally all involved in all the goods into the work. From the user experience level, first planning and sorting not more than three levels, followed by public awareness, so that most people through a clear classification, can quickly find the desired category of goods.

Commodity classifications are best for users who can roughly describe what they want, such as an example of a more stimulating detective story. The category can be a good way to find the Product Collection page or list page of the detective story, and then the user can make a detailed selection and comparison from the list of all the detective stories.

Recommendations and activities: For users to visit, we need to use the recommended goods and activities to promote the way they are in the home page as soon as possible to a product interest, and click into the Landingpage. Recommendations and activities often occupy the largest area of the home page, because the user's goal is not clear, so need more intense sensory stimulation to stimulate their shopping interests.

Amazon has always been the leader in this area, they invented the algorithm technology, can be based on your behavior to infer what you might like or need the goods, everything is done by the system, and accurate rate is high, do not believe you can carefully stroll the excellent website. Of course, for most e-commerce companies, especially the vertical electric, in the absence of a large number of commodity data, I suggest that the operator-led, with "human Flesh project" Way to complete the task, so the boss's input and output ratio will be higher.

Of course, the home page of an electric dealer far more than these functions, and even some need product managers to combine their own advantages and user needs to innovate, output some "people have no I have" the bright spot function. (Text/Starfish)

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