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Each cock silk design behind should hide a piece of art artists sad story. The simpler things are, the more complex they are. Not the complexity of the form, but the complexity of the process of thinking. The different style theme game, the ponder iteration, unceasingly has the new creativity to rush, the old creativity perish. The design is quenched, sublimated or destroyed in this sang sang tightly process ...

"Material collection and sharing"

1 designers do not just put on the front of the material station to download the pile of elements, try to walk out of the house, to nature to collect their own material. The image below is a partner Ive in the company's travel photos, pictures of the angle of quality are pretty good. If just let such a good thing lie on the hard drive, it really wastes. Therefore, selected some of these parts to let it in the creative activity again glow hair Color ~

2 Not all the material is suitable for each theme, the designer should have a number of psychological. Can quickly pull up the corresponding data when encountering a topic. For example, talking about the theme is "Dream", get the dream of what state, should be excited, Chenge, tears, trembling, high leaping and so on. We will feel a strong kinetic energy from these keywords, estimating that the feeling of getting a dream should be the moment of some kind of movement. Therefore, the following photos were selected as the main material for this creation.

"Recruitment Design Psychology"

1 The recruitment page may be the first window that every future employee understands the enterprise, especially the Internet enterprise. The quality of the façade can always arouse the good impression of the candidate, so what information should be displayed as a recruiting page?

Temporary special recruitment, need to design an efficient and clear guidance process. It can be understood that the previous candidates can completely through the page that can understand the time and place of the special session should be placed in the first consideration, in particular, the location of enterprises to recruit the best map instructions. and will need to carry things in a clear way to prompt.

Temporary functional modules:

· Similar to the page of temporary advertising, only with the page has a large difference and occupy an important position can trigger user thinking. Oh, that's a lot of information in this area. If further improvements to the module, may be added "new" label effect better, at the same time this module can be clicked, directly to the map (target has been locked, convenient for users to choose the route from the point of departure)

"Newspaper Design Thinking"

1) Recruitment ads are mainly functional-oriented design, the completion of the three elements of the function to be very clear expression, that is, things, time, place.

2 to "Jump" as the theme of the event, but began to imagine a moon under a lonely figure, in the implementation phase found that the type of theme more suitable for the competition, the spread may be very poor.

Image above (modified) (before modification)

The same theme, the creative process is always like the more think more deeply, the picture is often in the design on the way to revise. In this process may want to hold these several points:

1 maintain the relationship between elements, is the key to control the overall picture. It's like if the design is full of circles, squares, diamonds, trapezoidal, etc., vision is difficult to maintain consistency. Easy to create a sense of chaos. and color is so, a monochrome outline, keep the object of black and white gray relationship clear. One way to do that is to squint the eyes and clearly identify the level of information that is OK.

2 before modification, the relationship between elements is relatively fragmented, and there is no graphic that can produce strong impact. The overall feeling is relatively flat. Well, maybe it's just a matter of thinking about how to keep the material constant, so that these things can produce a better chemical reaction.

A. Enlarge an irregular figure, the general irregular objects can arouse human curiosity. B. Inspiration from the rest of the ads, the most urgent project to test the ability of the designer to accumulate. It is so important to do the daily material collection and finishing work.

C. If you continue to improve the design, it should be the shape of the characters to seek breakthroughs ~ like the middle jump people, may be the concept of enterprise integration into the shape, giving the object a deeper meaning. Like the way the street network and HNA handle, but may consider the complexity of the form may bring visual cognitive decline, the recognition will fall.

"The extension of thought"

Pay treasure "dream Maker" recruitment

Unique recruitment model, suitable for recruitment of creative team members. Can effectively display team strength, it is estimated to attract a lot of experts to understand and create the idea of joining to see a lot of recruitment design, this group is a very creative type in the country.

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