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I would like to write a blog trainer, but I have no development experience. I don't know how to get started. I want to use an open source framework or something. I really want to answer the question in PHP, I want to write a blog trainer, but I have no development experience. I don't know how to start. Do I want to use an open-source framework?

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I want to write a blog trainer, but I have no development experience. I don't know how to get started. Do I want to use an open-source framework? Can I help you?

I have never written PHP, but I am currently writing (chao) node. Currently, the basic functions have been implemented. The general idea is as follows:

1. log on and log out (use cookies to determine)
2. post an article, stored by different users, and added the time for posting
3. Display by time and by author
4. Implement the post-Article editing and deletion Functions
5. Implement the comment function
6. Add tags to the document classification module. (for example, if three input tags are entered, they are entered. If they are not entered, they are empty)
7. Find an open-source framework for editing an article (for example, rich text such as Markdown or ueditor. Of course, you can also add a message)
8. I have basically finished writing. The other is the reading volume or something.
9. beautification
Provide you with a link I'm writing with Node

ThinkPHP has been used in the Framework. You can refer to the documentation.Lamp brothersThinkPHP tutorial, Master crud basics to start ~

I feel that you should have no development experience. Follow your own pipeline and check typcho later. If you refactor =, it will be completed soon.

First attach git address:
Built a simple independent blog using php + mysql.
Star me ~ Star me ~~

In the past, I had the same confusion as the subject. I watched others build a blog with wordpress, but I still wanted to build a blog with PHP.

Blog homepage

Comment area in the article

[Nothing else, but a complete simple blog]

This can only be used as one exercise, but I feel that if I have a good design, I can still use it as my own independent blog for a long time.
There seems to be nothing to say. The main thing is to understand the layout before you do it, for example:
1) thumbnail of articles displayed on the home page
2) archive and display the document list and posting time
3) full article and comment Area
4) about yourself

In addition to layout settings, the next step is page design, which is also very important.
With the general outline, you can design the database. There is nothing complicated, mainly to determine what the article needs to store, the posting time, the number of comments, and the number of views.
In addition, you can engage in RSS and continue to optimize the interface for some cool effects.
The most important thing in the process is the record learning process.

In addition, it is not recommended that you clone my project directly by git. You can follow my ideas to write it step by step.
It took me half a month to write the code at the beginning. I took the time to write the code during the day and night, and I had to remove the lazy cancer attack ......

Finally, after writing this exercise, let's take a look at php, Which is useless for learning php. If you are getting started with html/css, you can take a wave. Over.

Additional ideas I wrote:
1. Design first
2. Construct a static page
3. Add a function. The most basic thing is the comment (Message Board), and then some pages and so on.

Please adopt ~

You can first take a look at the code of open-source blogs to see how others write, what the structure is, and what things are needed.

Blog writing can be usedwordpressAnd Tom will also use it. You can write one by yourself.Wordpress.

I personally wrote two articles based on PHP: i94web

HabariSerendipityExpressionEngineb2evolutionNucleus CMS

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