How to develop a good reading habit?

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Rick Webb wrote a good article about reading, mentioned that he is going to read 60 books a year, and he is a lot of things, busy professionals, then what is his reading habits? I have drawn on his views and joined some of my own ideas.


Often read

With an e-reader or mobile device, it's great to have the opportunity to read a few pages.

Set a goal

I like to set goals, but I don't usually reach them. This year, I'm going to set a modest target of 2 books per month, and I know that one of the books is a monthly podcast that requires a lot of notes. But as long as the quality of the 24 books is very high, then this year's results are very good. Rick mentions his past goal of reading a weekly book of The Economist, reading from the beginning to the end. I have tried, but I gave up painfully-this is an amazing weekly, with a lot of dry goods, enough to consume all your reading time.

Don't try to read what you or others think you should read

Very interesting-we often have this tendency to choose from the top 10 books, or to rely on colleagues to recommend. But it would be more interesting to choose something different to read and find your own way. I find that a good book often quotes many other good books, which follow this trail and often reap a lot of rewards.

Guilty pleasure is completely irrelevant.

I agree, but I seldom do so. There are too many fictional or non-fiction masterpieces to read, and I always feel behind schedule, so things like sinful pleasure have no way to go. Last year, I read "I Am a Pilgrim" (I Am Pilgrim), and for me, that might be a guilty thrill-I hope it's not too affected.

Sin Pleasure (Guilty Pleasures) guilty pleasure is a psychological feeling. Something makes you feel good and brings you joy, but on the other hand you have a sense of guilt, which is the pleasure of sin. For example, many people who lose weight feel bad and have a sense of guilt when they "cheat themselves" and eat something they shouldn't eat. Eating gives them pleasure, but the thought that it would make them fat would have a sense of guilt. The pleasure of this sinful feeling is the pleasure of sin.

Don't be afraid to extend the extension

By extending to some areas that would not normally be involved, I found some great reading materials that I would often do if I had more time. Inclined to spend too much time on work-related business books, I have to admit that it may not be a good habit-but I find these books useful and even necessary for the work at hand (see Eric Schmidt, appended to this article).

Don't be afraid to give up a book in the middle, but don't give up

I never used to give up a book halfway, but lately I've changed my mind. For a bad book, I will not give up, this is probably a good book on the Amazon Review, and after the first few chapters to throw it aside. "The revolution from the Inside Out" (The Inside out Revolution) is such a book-absolutely awful.

Different environments to use different media

Rick mentioned Instapaper, which I didn't use, I used a similar thing--pocket--very useful. You can use it to save the article first, read it later, and when reading these saved articles, only show the article itself, and remove the site of the original in this article around the display of those things. I used a lot when I was on business.

Different environments to read different materials

Like Rick, I also find it necessary to read lengthy articles in magazines--personal or professional stress is part of the reason. Rick's advice is to read these articles only when you're on the toilet. I don't care about his suggestion, for me, frequent flights across Europe provide a similar shine time for reading these articles.

Embracing digitalization

People are always complaining that no one is reading. I don't think so, people seem to read more than before. The Kindle and other devices play a big role in reading. Perhaps things like this, the people who used to read, are always reading, and those who do not read, are still not reading. I started with the Kindle, but the IPad Mini with the Kindle app was amazing, and its highlighting and usability was really good. Now I have the IPhone 6 Plus, which has become my main reading device. The size and quality of the screen is perfect for attentive reading. To my delight, with Amazon, you can also display the focus of reading on your desktop on your phone.

Reading speed doesn't matter.

He is not a fast reader, but still tries to read 60 different categories of books a year. I think it pulls us back to the point where we're always reading--it's better than any reading.

Avoid distractions

Rick recommends turning off the WIFI on your device so that you don't always have to see things. This is one of my weaknesses, I always leave from the book, along the various channels to find something of interest.

Try an audio book

It's a great favor-audio books are sometimes better than reading experiences. I like to listen to Tom Peters about his own affairs. I also found it great to listen to audio books when running outdoors (as with podcasts).

Take notes or draw the key

Once he started doing this, he began to read more, and he believed it would be much deeper than reading. I tend to agree with this. I've recently tried to write some summary blogs about some of them, and doing so will really give you a sense of accomplishment and a deeper understanding of the content. Of course this will slow down the reading process, because a decent comment is very time-consuming.

Create a reading list

Always have a reading list anyway, and sort and organize the list often. In fact, this is a very interesting thing, the difficulty is, from now on, the list of books on a book one read down.

It doesn't matter if you read a book at a time, or if you start at a book.

Like Rick, which way is better and I'm confused. Read as much as possible, or read less, but read deeper? You can go straight to the next book without taking notes, reading them and not thinking about them-so I'm sure you'll grow by 30% to 50% of your reading. But is it better to really understand and Chew and digest what you read? I will try this latter way in 2015.

I'll add some of my own stuff:

Buy more than read, do not have a sense of guilt. I have an office, a wall full of books and a stack of desks, and the Kindle app shows that I have 330 books, piles of magazines, and hundreds of articles on the web. It used to annoy me very much, especially when my wife saw another Amazon express and got angry. But books are an investment, they are always around you (if you don't have them on loan on Amazon Unlimited!). Even though there is no intention to read it in a few years, a book always has intrinsic value, and it is there, waiting for you to read it. It's a reminder that you can't slow down and make you feel that you still don't know, and that there are still books to read. There is always a great idea on the bookshelf, and the prospect of excellence is waiting for you.


Once upon a time there was an Italian Renaissance prince, and I thought it was from Urbino, one of the largest libraries in Europe. Every time a visitor comes, he will ask: how much have you read? He would answer, "How much is not the problem, the question is how much knowledge I still need to learn." Those unread books, for each of us, represent a vast amount of knowledge and experience, waiting for us to find out. And I jiangle in them.

"One of the best and easiest ways to stand at the forefront of a field is to know more about this area. The best way to achieve this is to read. People always say there is no time to read, but what they really mean is that they do not take it as a priority to learn and understand the business as much as they can. Do you know who read a lot of business books? That's the CEOs. So think and read like a CEO. ”

--eric Schmid, excerpt from "How Google Works" (How Google work)

How to develop a good reading habit?

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