How to disable CMCC automatic connection in WiFi

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First of all, your phone is going to root. Tutorials and tools Forums when you're looking for a bunch of them, you don't say much. After root, you need a tool: the RE manager. The Android Market or the Google market can be downloaded.

Open the RE manager and go to the path:/etc/wifi/default_ap.conf, open you'll find inside the default settings cmcc the text information for the WLAN access point. Click the Mount r/w (read/write) on the top right of the RE manager instead of Mount R/o, and delete the file by clicking the Delete button in the toolbar below. (Some versions may have to be long pressed to the file and selected for deletion in the pop-up menu)

Back to the RE manager root directory, go to the path:/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf, open you will also find that all of the saved WiFi access points are recorded in the information (incredibly password!), OK, exit, Long hold Wpa_ supplicant.conf file, select Open in Text Editor (open with a text editor), and then save network= {ssid= "CMCC" after deleting the following content key_mgmt=nomepriority= 100000credit=1operater=1}

Restart the phone, into the WLAN settings, found CMCC display "open" state, is no longer "saved", do not worry about automatic connection. WiFi connection point priority setting there's no cmcc, it's done!

Cancel the 3g Automatic Connection prompt dialog box scheme, delete/system/app/wificonnectionhandler.apk Delete/system/app/wificonnectionhandler.aodex

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