How to disable or enable a device in the BIOS

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Some users will be prompted to have devices that are not working properly when they use the hardware information of the system. This can occur because the device is disabled in the BIOS and needs to be opened in the BIOS.

In addition, some users need to disable some of the devices not commonly used, such as optical drives, to achieve energy-saving purposes. The following is an example of an optical drive that explains how to disable or enable a device in the BIOS.

1 To disable or enable the device in the BIOS, reboot the machine and press the hotkey to enter the BIOS, which usually displays a hotkey to the BIOS on the screen when the computer initiates the self-test, usually similar to "Pressf1toenterbios"; This time, press the hint of the F1 key to enter the BIOS setup interface. The BIOS setup interface is slightly different, but roughly the same, due to the difference between the motherboard model and the BIOS version.

2 into the BIOS, the appearance of the English-language interface (most of the current BIOS interface is in English), please do not panic, I will tell you what to do, select Integratedperipherals (external device settings) press ENTER enter;

3 See Onchipsecondarypciide: The motherboard built a second pci/ide interface, where you can see the model of your optical drive, the option behind the item if it is [enable] is enabled, move the cursor to the item by pressing ENTER, will pop up to set the parameters list , use the up and down keys to select the value you want to set, select Back to enter. If you need to enable the device, set the value to [enable], and if you need to disable the device, set the value to [Disable], and change to [auto] to indicate that it is automatically determined by the system.

4 after setting, press ESC until you exit to the top-level menu, select [Saveexitsetup], the system will pop-up prompts whether to save, press "Y"; key to save just the settings, this time the computer will automatically restart, restart after the setting is effective.

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