How to discharge a notebook

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How do we perform a regular discharge of a notebook that does not have a discharge function?

After a lot of experiments, we finally recommend that you start your computer (press F2, F12 or delete (a slightly different type of entry) into the BIOS, and then on the keyboard, the brightness of the display screen is minimized. Let it run out of battery power until it shuts down automatically. This is a low current, uniform discharge, which can be repaired by a lot of batteries that do not have periodic discharges that produce memory rather than physical damage.

One might worry that such an operation would damage the CMOS? The answer is: No. Because CMOS is also a small operating system, similar to the XP operating system, when encountered at home accidental power outages, restart after a self-test, and then back to normal. And we just have to do it every six months, and that's enough, so don't worry about it.

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