How to display Chinese garbled characters in ultraedit-32

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Ultraedit is a powerful text editor that can edit text, hexadecimal, ASCII code, and so on. It is generally used to modify EXE or DLL files. Tower is an editor that meets all your editing needs. But ultraedit has a strange bug in UTF-8 processing: various versions of ultraedit, when opening the text containing Chinese, all the displayed Chinese are garbled.

A temporary solution that is not too troublesome: Save the text being edited as the file, select UTF-8 for encoding (encoding), and use ultraedit to open the saved file.

However, it is annoying to save it every time. Search for the dog and find a solution:

Open uedit32.ini in the installation path of ultraedit (in some versions, this file is not stored in this directory by default. We recommend that you search for this file directly ),Add "detect UTF-8 string = 0" to [settings ].Which means disabling ultraedit to detect strings that may mark the UTF-8, which is not available in configuration.

But I still haven't solved it after trying it. I don't know why, maybe it's a version problem. Then there is another way to directly Delete this file and create a new file with the same name, which will write a sentence:Detect UTF-8 string = 0; then place the file under the installation directory.


I just tried it again and still did not solve it. The above method is for reference only.

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