How to distinguish between true and false 100M broadband?

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has now entered the era of 100M broadband, more and more home users in the processing of hundred-gigabit fiber broadband access, enjoy high-speed network pleasure. However, some broadband operators are also starting to use the 100M broadband access as a gimmick, a grandiose advertising campaign to attract users. Therefore, the true and false 100M broadband, we must take the eye to identify, it is not easy to be fooled. This article, will introduce 4 kinds of distinguish true and false 100M broadband method, hope to see the article you have benefited.

Teach you how to distinguish between true and false 100M broadband ask 100M is not the door of the bandwidth of the so-called hundred trillion broadband households, it means that the bandwidth to enter the home should reach 100M, and it is understood that, in addition to Unicom and other operators, other small operators so-called "hundred trillion" broadband, not the household bandwidth, some are into the community, some are into the corridor. So when you see the "100M Broadband" publicity, we must ask clearly, this 100M is not the bandwidth of the household. Small and medium operators can only do 100M fiber to the building medium and small operators can only do 100M fiber to the building, broadband households. In other words, 100M fiber is shared with other users. and the actual installation, not all users will be so serious, operators are grasping the concept of the majority of consumers do not know this weakness, in the publicity play a "word game." When you have 10 homes on one floor and 10 of them use the operator, the 100M rate will be divided by 10. Do not be some so-called "benefits" deceive another point, judging from the tariff, the user should not be some so-called "affordable" to deceive. Experts remind, 100M broadband business has just arisen, the price is not very cheap, will be reduced in the next 2-3 years, so in addition to the package business, a single product price too low consumers need to be vigilant. Test your speed to reach 100M if you have installed broadband, you are not sure whether it is really 100M broadband households, then through the speed test is the best test method. Now the speed of the software has many, there are online speed, users can choose according to their preferences. So distinguish between true and false 100M broadband, guys have learned it?

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