How to do event marketing well in social marketing

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the important means of social marketing is event marketing , how to do the event marketing? ( social marketing guru )1, do the event marketing before the regular marketing to do well. 2, do the event marketing as long as a keyword fried hot can be. 3, to do event marketing before the use of a potential user focus on the big environmental planning topic. The aim is to resonate with such groups. 4, do event marketing to plan the topic of potential customer attention, inspire the enthusiasm of netizens to participate in the topic. 5, do event marketing to each topic through the network media coverage, the purpose is to let netizens continue to pay attention to the topic of dissemination. 6, do the event marketing preparation to the end of the project, the length of the best not more than half a month. 7, the event marketing manuscripts need to let enterprises audit each, the purpose is the enterprise if not satisfied, the manuscript is the process of social marketing , the content is especially important, and the manuscript of event marketing is the core of event planning . The key to the success of the event is to conform to the actual manuscript and to guide public opinion reasonably. How to write a good press release? Write a press release and opinion leader comments on the method: 1, a channel on the internet to see a hot topic, introduce the topic. 2. An opinion leader's comment on this topic, quoting the words of real people. 3, the Netizen to this matter appraisal, quoted the Netizen to say, indicates the source. 4. My views on the incident. 5, the reference event photos. 6, News Review. Social marketing guru ( handwriting )

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How to do event marketing well in social marketing

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