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Along with the network development, the network marketing this kind of sales channel receives the attention more and more, especially the small and medium-sized Enterprise group. They do not have enough brand advantage, in the traditional sales ranks have been at a disadvantage, but network marketing can give them the advantage of equal opportunities with large enterprises.

In the two articles of how to build a station for small and medium sized enterprises and how to do the network promotion by small and medium-sized Enterprises, the author briefly describes a basic flow of the enterprise construction station and several ways to promote the network. Today, small and medium-sized enterprises do network promotion of one of the Ideas Search engine optimization (SEO), do a share, hoping to give some enterprises to help.

Let's take a look at what is SEO first? SEO is Search engine optimization (Engine optimization) English abbreviation, is a use search engine search ranking rules to improve the target site in the search engine rankings in the way. Do search engine Network marketing the first goal is to make your site by more targeted users to see, research shows that the search engine users will only pay attention to the search results in the front of several entries, so SEO has its necessity. Then how should the Enterprise do SEO? The purpose of the enterprise to do SEO is to obtain the position of the search results, thereby profiting. Enterprises to do SEO can be set up by their own SEO team to do, you can also outsource the SEO to professional companies, but no matter what means, SEO plan and SEO effect evaluation is the most important part. The following author shares these two approaches:

  1. Enterprises to build their own team to do SEO

The practice of the enterprise itself to do SEO more and more attention by some small and medium-sized enterprises, because the vast majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have company websites, some even have portals, and these enterprises also attach great importance to the network, hope that the network can give them economic benefits, and service outsourcing can not evaluate the effect. Enterprises to do SEO mainly grasp several processes:

1) The development of SEO plan

The development of the SEO plan should include the schedule of each task, the execution personnel, the keyword ranking plan of each cycle, the traffic target, the network consultation situation and so on.

2 internal optimization of the program itself

Optimization of the program is the use of HTML tags, it is best to meet the standards of the Internet, the user experience optimization, including the speed of web browsing, the color of the site, browsing habits meet the needs of users waiting.

3 keyword Analysis and finishing

Mainly has the hot word, the long tail word analysis and the reorganization. Enterprises to promote the owner through the Baidu Index and Google keyword tools to obtain the majority of enterprise products related keywords list and users to retrieve data. Other partial-door words are estimated to be combined with the company's own products, artificially generated. All the keywords are sorted into a table and sorted, the table should include keywords in the main search engine rankings, for optimized page links, ranking online time, as well as for some phenomena of note.

4 Website content construction and internal link construction

Content construction is a very important part of the SEO process, content construction here consists of two parts, one is the construction of the content of economic benefits (according to the list of sorted keywords to generate the article, and the best articles linked to the list of keywords), the other part is only to attract search engine content construction. The construction of the content best not all plagiarism, unless is very well-known website, otherwise hardly be included Baidu, Google better, but after a while will be deleted. In doing content construction at the same time also want to do the internal link construction, internal links mainly to Keyword list link mainly.

5) External Link construction

The construction of external links is one of the most important factors affecting the ranking of websites. The construction of the external link includes the link exchange, the link purchase, to the big website submission, the blog, the Forum, the Business-to-business website, the question and answer website publishes with the link content and so on the means. The construction of external links to know how to do link bait, let users to help you do outside the chain. In the process of external link construction, we should pay attention to the accumulation of contacts and resources.

6) Flow analysis and effect evaluation

Traffic analysis can be weekly statistics, statistical data have the search engine of the daily situation, the chain situation, the daily IP situation, PV, IP and PV week summary, network Consulting, Alexa rankings, the construction of Long tail keywords and rankings. Then the results of these data are evaluated and analyzed, the result of the analysis will be feedback to the implementation of the SEO process.

 2. Outsource the service to the SEO company

Outsourcing the service to the SEO company is also very popular practice, SEO company has more network resources and professional team, but the choice of SEO company is the enterprise encountered the first problem. SEO behavior is to use the search engine algorithm to do, the algorithm changes will certainly affect the ranking of changes, so any individual or company can not guarantee a long time completely stable rankings, if an SEO company with so guarantee, then it is not credible. So how to choose SEO Service company?

To choose a better SEO company, first of all, starting from the following points:

1 is an individual or a company, the company has a relatively perfect service and resources, personal more difficult to guarantee.

2 The company provides SEO services to the technical team (including the website construction team, SEO team) and the previous SEO cases, which companies have provided services.

3 can give a more ideal for the Enterprise product SEO program, the commitment is reasonable (what is guaranteed, preferably not).

4 whether it can give the optimization of the method or ideas (general ideas for reference above), whether to the enterprise to understand the product.

After some of the above confirmation, basically can find a more ideal SEO company. SEO for the operation means also need to track the enterprise itself, mainly for external links to increase the speed of tracking, especially whether the use of mass software to release a large number of garbage information, if it is a lot of junk information, in the short term may have a good ranking, but after a while will be the search engine punishment, outweigh the gains, Check the method in Baidu input domain: your domain name. In addition, enterprises should know that SEO optimization is a whole site, do one word up can drive a lot of words ranking, so do seo when you can let SEO company to do a word, others as long as added to the title of the optimized page may be driven, so you can save costs, There is also a point SEO did not target Google or Baidu, the formal approach as long as the optimization of one of the keywords in a number of search engines will have a good ranking, but the enterprise itself can set a focus, after all, ranking algorithm is different.

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