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First, the key word positioning, I chose three target keywords as my goal to optimize, through the index of Baidu I found three related to the target keyword, at the same time will be the three target keywords into the homepage of the title.

Second, the website Structure optimization processing. In this regard I have done the following aspects of work: 1, the Site directory using the two-level directory structure, simple structure, such as: the site domain name/column/article way, such a simple structure is conducive to the search engine crawl, the entire station using absolute path, without domain name, in the chain to the homepage of the link to join the domain name, Help to increase the weight of the home page, 2, do a good job inside the site links, in the article page has joined the latest and hot articles, so that the relevance of the content page is heavier, at the same time the Content Page Link column page and home page, increase the weight of the homepage and column pages. 3, the URL in the station to use the standard method of writing, such as the home using the "http://domain name" approach, the column page using the "/column/" Standard way. 4, often check the dead link inside the station, one existing dead link, immediately delete, in SE's eyes, also can not tolerate a little sand ah.

Third, do a good job site map, this is also very important, Google Web site management tools also require the submission of site maps, so that the search engine on the site's structure to crawl. I also made two maps, one is an HTML map, an XML map, the former is convenient for other search engines to crawl the latest release of the page, after all is to meet Google's crawl. It turns out that I did the two maps did not white, because I published a article, the next day will generally be included immediately, and my map snapshot update is very fast, this point also explains the importance of the map.

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