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How do you do the word three-wire table? Sometimes when we write the paper back to use the three-wire table, because the three-tier table its form concise, functional, and easy to read, used by the people have said. So how does word make a three-wire table? What are the benefits of doing a three-wire watch? So small make up now to explain the word three-wire table production method. In the paper, the general requirements of the use of three-line table, that is, the table can only have the top and bottom border, plus the title row below to have a thin border, is for the three lines.

How to do the word three-wire table method I. Drawing of concise three-wire table

Step one, select the toolbar "table-Insert-table" Insert table, select the number of rows and columns, click the "AutoFormat" button, select "Concise Type 1", and then the bottom of the "last line" hook off, select a good point "OK" can be;

Step two, with the mouse to select the first row of the table now, again point "right"-"border and shading", change the color of the three-wire table column, color yourself, and the width of the line, then click the Border button on the right "preview" box to see if the lower-right corner applies to cell, and click OK. After the top border is modified, change the color and width for the centerline and the bottom line in the same way.

How Word makes three-wire table method Two: Practical three-wire table

Step One, select the menu bar "table"-"Insert Table", insert a table with row 4, column number 3, and then remove the border from the table, select the entire table, and click Format-borders and shading on the menu bar to remove all border lines from the table.

Step two, to add a bottom line and top line to the table, the same way to select the table, open the menu bar "format"-"border and shading" and then on the right side of the various lines, add the top line and the bottom line, set its line width size thickness, click OK.

Step three, add a third line to its form. Select the first row of the table, select "Border and Shading" and then the right side of the line to choose to add "bottom border", you can set the line weight size. This makes the three-tier table.

Word how to do three-wire table Method III: More extensive, direct application can be (for word2003 production)

Step one, first when the mouse hovers on the table will appear a "field" font, select the "Field" Font button, and then right-click, and then select the Tool menu bar "Form AutoFormat", pop-up a window.

Step two, in the pop-up window click on the right side of the "new" button, and then pop up a new window, so that we can set the properties of the style. As shown in the figure:

Step three: The key is how to set the properties of the table. The name doesn't matter, "style is based on" select "Normal table". Format applies to first select the entire table option, and then click the Field button on the window to set the top and bottom lines of the table.

After you set the top and bottom lines, the same method selects the "format applies to" option, selects the "header row" option, and then sets the bottom border of the header row. Size and weight set themselves.

Step five, click OK after the completion of the above operation, then select "Header row" in the "Apply special formatting to" option, then click Apply, the current table will be applied to the style of the three-Line table.

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