How to do USB disk data recovery

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U disk is our daily work in the common use of storage tools, at the same time, U disk often trouble is also a problem that puzzles everyone. How to do u disk data recovery? This problem is very important in the use of U disk.

  u disk data Recovery First step: copy u disk data to an IMG image file, first of all, we run usboot, and then insert U disk, Usboot will find new inserted u disk, according to the sequential operation of the U disk data recovery work:

1, select the U disk;

2, click "Click here to select the mode of work" pop-up menu, select "Back to File" menu item;

3, then click "Start";

4, at this time, Usboot will pop up a "Backup U disk for File" dialog box, enter a name such as: "Backup_disk_u", and then click Save.

5, please wait patiently usboot work, until the prompt to save the data successfully, during the guarantee U disk do not move, the computer does not power off.

  u disk Data Recovery Second step: using winhex recovery data, we successfully carry out U disk data recovery after the first step to an IMG image file, start the Winhex, open the Backup_disk_u.img file, and then select the "Tools" menu of " Disk Tools submenu, using the Function menu "File Recovery by Type ...". In the pop-up window, we proceed to the U disk data Recovery File Recovery operation:

1, "Select file type (s):" is the type of file you want to recover, for example, you want to restore the type of file is Word, then choose MS OFFICE, "Customize" is a custom file type, you can add a file type that is not in the list;

2, "Output folder:" Is stored after the recovery of the file, we set into "C:recoverydisku";

3, "Create subfolder for each file type" is to create a subdirectory of each of the types of files, we select this feature;

4, "Search at sector boundaries" is the choice of search mode, if u disk capacity is not very large, then you can choose this mode; if u disk capacity can choose "Search at cluster boundaries,if possible" mode , if you want to be more precise, you can choose the "extensive byte-level search" byte-searching mode, which is slower.

5, "Respect individual default size in file type definitions" is based on the definition of the file type to infer the size of the file, we can select this feature.

6, finally, click "OK", waiting for file recovery.

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