How to download fs2you resources with thunder and other downloading tools

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Fs2You is a relatively good network hard disk, with the mailbox can be simple registration, network Disk unlimited capacity, but if the file is very large, and a long time no one to download, fs2you will delete some files, you can put some relatively small, or download the volume will be relatively large file, its speed is very good. Many netizens still do not know fs2you how to download?

The following small series and everyone to share the solution ~

In addition fs2you some of the larger files only support their own download tool download (only their own download tool link), to tell the truth sometimes the speed is not good, just see a JavaScript in Baicker:

After opening the resource page, enter in the IE Address bar: javascript:window.settimeout=null;showdirectdownload ()

Look at the effect, originally only show fs2you own download link page also appeared the general download link address, that is, can use any download tool to download out, speed is sure the ~fs2you how to download this problem is difficult to pour everyone!

Hope that the method of small knitting can be helpful to everyone!

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