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There are a lot of good Slide on that do not provide download links. Normally, it doesn't matter. They are all added to favorites and directly watched online.

During this time, I was very interested in ZARA's business model. There were few related documents, and there were just a few Slides about ZARA on Slideshare, and none of them provided for download, it needs to be saved locally for good research. So I studied how to download Slide from Slideshare.

1. How to download FLV files from online video sites

For video websites such as Youtube and Youku that adopt Flash technology, there are several methods to download their FLV files:

1) download Video Downloadhelper and Sothink SWF Catcher from Firefox.

2) use third-party download tools, such as Orbit Grab ++, vioton FLV video download software, UUme FLV Spy, and network sniffer (audio and video probing ).

3) use services dedicated to parsing popular video websites, such as and

The above solutions have their own limitations. They are only applicable to some websites supported by the service software, so they are rarely used.

4) use a package capture tool such as Live HTTP Headers, Firebug, Wireshark, Sniffer, and URL snoop to get the actual FLV, and then download the package directly using the download tool.

5) use the temporary folder of the browser. When you watch videos and images in a browser, the video files and images have been downloaded to the temporary folder of the browser, therefore, you can directly find the corresponding video in the temporary folder of the browser.

Temporary Folder in IE: Tools> Internet Options> General> Internet temporary files> Settings> View files

Firefox Temporary Folder: about: cache-> Disk cache device-> List Cache Entries-> CTRL + F search

The above two solutions basically allow users to access all video websites, which is a little more troublesome.

2. How to download the SWF file of Slideshare

Although Slideshare uses Flash technology to display Slide, unlike video websites such as Youtube and Youku, each Slide is an independent Flash SWF file, it is not a Flash Video file in FLV format. It seems that Slideshare has recently performed special processing on the SWF address. It is necessary to use the method 4 Package capture tool to capture packets, the actual download address of the SWF file cannot be obtained.

For example, to download the SWF file of ZARA: Fast Fashion, you can use the following methods:

1) Clear the private data of Firefox, browse all slides in the browser, and find the corresponding SWF file in the temporary folder of the browser. This solution is suitable for scenarios where there are few slides. For example, if there are hundreds of slides, "Loading…" is always displayed on slideshare ..." Online viewing is a big problem.

2) Clear the private data of Firefox and access the slides to be downloaded (you only need to go to the initial Page and do not need to browse all slides ), then go to the temporary folder in the browser to find the corresponding path of the xml file such as "SLIDE_NAME.xml", where SLIDE_NAME is roughly the name of the slide, such as ZARA: Fast Fashion corresponds to the 1188219016. The xml file is actually the SWF file corresponding to the slide, for example:

& Lt; Show Id = "98359" & gt;
<Slide Src ="
Https:// 443/slideshare/zara2820-slide-1.swf "/>
<Slide Src ="
Https:// 443/slideshare/zara2820-slide-2.swf "/>
<Slide Src ="
Https:// 443/slideshare/zara2820-slide-3.swf "/>
<Slide Src ="
Https:// 443/slideshare/zara2820-slide-23.swf "/>
<Slide Src ="
Https:// 443/slideshare/zara2820-slide-24.swf "/>

Then, use the batch download function of download tools such as Orbit and thunder to directly download these files to the specified folder.

In addition:

In fact, before Slideshare does not change the SWF processing method, it is quite convenient for Slideshare DOWNLOADer and Greasmonkey Script.


Download Slides from Add-on

Download from SlideShare-slideshare DOWNLOAD dot com 3. Convert the SWF file of Slideshare to a PDF slide

Currently, no good tools have been found to directly convert Slideshare SWF files to ppt files or pdf slides. tools such as Flash mixers are also difficult to use.

Currently, the following methods are used:

1) install Acrobat Professional 8.

It should be noted that it is Acrobat Professional, not Acrobat Reader; the previous versions of Acrobat are also good, except that mongoabt 8 is more convenient for merging multiple PDF files.

2) After Acrobat is installed, the "Adobe PDF" virtual printer is created in the "printer and fax" on the control panel by default, and the "Adobe PDF" attribute is set:

"Adobe PDF properties-> Print preferences-> Layout-> direction": Set to horizontal
"Adobe PDF properties-> Print preferences-> Adobe PDF settings-> Adobe PDF page size": Set to Slide 7.5x10

3) drag the downloaded SWF file to the browser, right-click it, and choose print> General> select Adobe PDF as the printing device.

4) Merge all PDF files using the merge file function of Acrobat 8

In this way, the slides in PDF Format corresponding to the SWF file are obtained.

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