How to draw a concept map using Xmind

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We provide tutorials for users of inexperienced xmind mind mapping software to teach you how to use a concept map in xmind mind mapping software as a mind map.


Xmind Mind Mapping software



1 This is the interface that just opened Xmind, there is a central theme in the center, you can replace it with your own theme, such as light and function

2 position the cursor over the center theme, then press the TAB key 3 times, and you will see the above effect. The TAB key helps you quickly set up a topic's subtopics

Below you press 3 times in a row, you can see the above effect, you can use the ENTER key to establish a peer theme

You have to try it yourself, play a player two keys! (tab and enter enter key)

How to change the distribution of the theme, you have to learn to use the "right", select a theme, and then click "Right", you will find a lot of options

When you choose "Structure", you can find a lot of different arrangement methods, such as Fishbone diagram, tree chart, etc., try it yourself.

How do I insert a link between two themes? also right-click and select "Insert"-"contact" so you can see the following effect

Replace the "contact" two words with the link word you want to sign.

This is a fishbone diagram, right?

This is a tree-like chart with a very strong logical hierarchy.

Make a good picture, how to put it in your ppt or Web page, you need to export it as a picture, click "File"--"export"

Select picture

Note : For more exciting tutorials, please pay attention to the triple text Tutorial Channel

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