How to draw a diagonal header in Word2013

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to draw a slash header, follow these steps:

Step one: First, we draw a table, click the menu bar-Insert-table, select table rows and columns, in the word blank page to draw.

Step two: After the table is finished, enter some text information, position the cursor to the cell where you want to draw the slash header, click the Bottom Border button of the Design tab, and select the diagonal border from the Drop-down menu.

Step three: In this way, the most basic diagonal header is complete, if you need to divide the cells into three columns or columns, such methods will not work, and Word2013 has the previous version of the draw slash Head function button, we can only by inserting the shape of the method to complete.

Step four: Insert a line, start with the end of the upper-left corner of the cell, draw a line, and separate the cells.

Step five: If you want to insert text after a separate section, you can use the text box method, insert a text box, and enter text.

Step Six: Move the text box to the cell, Ctrl-click the text box, and then tap the Fill button to set it to no outline so that the text box line is invisible.

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