How to draw a rotational animation method of an axisymmetric figure in PPT

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1, we take a triangle along its side rotation as an example, to show you this method. First draw a triangle in the slide editing area. As shown in the figure:

2, the drawing of the triangle to copy several copies, the specific number of copies to see the specific situation, of course, the number of copies of the copy, the more exquisite animation. Here I copied 11 copies, because my triangle width is 6 centimeters, I want it to shorten the width of 0.5 centimeters each time, 11 times width just shortened to 0.

3, the copied out of the 12 triangles in order to reduce the width of 0.5. Right-click a triangle, select size and position, and then change the value of the width in the Format Shape dialog box. As shown in the figure:

4, so that all the triangle two right angles to align, in order to achieve accurate alignment, you can set the Shape Format dialog box to make the exact position, so that all triangles right angles and right-angled vertices aligned. As shown in the figure:

5, adjust all the triangle stacking level, in accordance with large in the order of small in the next adjustment. As shown in the figure:

6, the largest triangle to copy one, fill color to white. As shown in the figure:

7, put the newly-copied triangle at the bottom, the position parameter and the front triangle, so that it is aligned with all triangles.

8, starting from the top of the triangle to add vanishing animation, animation parameters as shown in the figure, in addition to the first animation to click, the other start mode is set to "after the last animation."

9, such an axisymmetric figure rotation around the axis of animation effect is achieved, this is only to achieve the right axis of the animation effect, the same side can make the left animation effect. You can make the animation more and more delicate by adjusting the number of "durations" and triangles for each animation. I hope this method will enlighten you. The animation process works as shown in the figure.

Attention matters

It is best to do the animation of each picture first, and finally adjust the order of placement of the picture.

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